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Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career

May 2, 2017 Andrew Freedman

Watch this video to learn why you'll fail to have a great career (yes, you read that right).

Our work is about ELEVATING organizational performance; about being ALL IN; about SHIFTING the work world to transform the real world.

You know this-- it all starts and ends with you: your mindset, your attitude, your grit, your resilience. There is no "if only...." in our vocabulary.

Ask yourself these 4 questions on a regular basis as a way to ensure you ARE on track to have it all (great career, great spouse, great parent, great friend...):

WHY (Am I doing what I'm doing right now? Why am I feeling the way I do?)

WHY NOT? (Why wouldn't I do this? What am I giving up by doing this? What are the risks associated?)

WHAT NEXT? (Where will I get the biggest impact? How can I raise my game to an even higher level?)

WHAT IF? (What are the upsides when this works? What are the possibilities that lie ahead?)

Make these part of your daily commitment to having your BEST YEAR YET, and you will increase your likelihood of realizing your goals this year (and well beyond).

You've got this.

We've got your back.

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