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SHIFT helps clients achieve growth through:


The antidote to uncertainty? An actionable plan.

With a clear strategic vision to guide you, everything else falls into place, fortifying you against any challenges in your path. Whether you’re hoping to craft a new strategy or refine an existing one, we’re here to build a cohesive, foundational framework that reflects your values, reinforces your priorities, and resonates with the most valuable asset you have: your people.


The quest to find purpose at work is here to stay.

In the ever-evolving world of work today, engagement is more important than ever before. Let’s face it: employees in demand aren’t just looking for a job — they’re looking for a purpose. So, how can you make sure employees find their purpose with you? By creating a culture rooted in belonging, transparency, and direction that inspires your people to show up as their best selves every day.


High performance is more than a buzzword...

It’s a determining factor in your ability to drive results and meet goals. And while high performers don’t grow on trees, they do grow in organizations that have defined what success looks like in each role — and know how to replicate that winning behavior across every team. The good news? Our proven performance methodology has been successfully implemented in several Fortune 500 companies over the years. Now it’s your turn.


Dare to be different.

These days, keeping up with your competition isn’t enough — you always have to stay one step ahead. And since great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone, our job is to tap into all the potential you have at your disposal. By building customized systems designed to generate and qualify ideas from every level, together, we can find new solutions for existing problems and disrupt the status quo.


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What leaders are saying

Our Success as a company is a direct result of SHIFT’s involvement


We are super clear on our goal posts and it has made our decision making in marketing so easy


We’ve grown in leaps & bounds just today vs. three months on zoom together!


As I reflect on last year - you guys definitely helped me and played a part in our success!


I can see the care & compassion in this company and it’s unreal


You’ve helped us put things in place so we could not only survive COVID, but thrive in the pandemic.


We’re seeing the impact of 15Five and are 100% behind it - our team loves the experience and helps us do what we do better


Over 80% of executives & employees say ineffective communication has been the cause of their workplace failures


You have been a tremendous help through this journey and I would not have been as successful if it wasn’t for you guys!”