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Shift The Work by Joe Mechlinski

Filled with actionable strategies, cutting-edge neuroscience and inspiring true stories, this 2x bestseller motivates readers to seek fulfilling opportunities, reconnect with their passions, and recognize their power to make a difference.

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STW 2x Bestseller
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The bestseller changing the way we think about work.
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STW 2x Bestseller

Shift The Work by Joe Mechlinski

70% of the American workforce is disengaged.

With every tick of the clock, millions of people inch closer to their breaking points - a growing epidemic of apathy and anxiety in the workplace that is affecting life outside of the office. But meaningful work-life integration is possible.

In Shift The Work, Joe Mechlinski, the New York Times bestselling author of Grow Regardless, shares his personal journey to find purpose, and how it influenced him to take a deeper dive into the science of human behavior. Inspired by neuroscience research about the connections between the brains in the head, heart, and gut that drive human perspectives and conduct, Joe shares how everyone can re-engage with their work and impact the world.

Filled with actionable strategies and inspiring true stories, this indispensable guide motivates listeners to seek fulfilling opportunities, reconnect with their passions, and recognize their power to make a difference.

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Shift The Work Book Launch Party | Sept 13

Shift the Work helps to answer the question, “Can you have it all?” In a brilliant and poignant way, Joe Mechlinski says you must have it all. The times we are in – with changing industries and changing environments – the constant must be our ability to have holistic adaption. Thank you, Joe for this imperative book.

- Wes M.

This book is the missing link between your hopes and your results.

- Borzou

Don't read this if you don't want to change course. This was the perfect kick in the pants for me to stop accepting my previous truths and dig for a deeper meaning with my team.

- Ron N.

An inspiring read for all professionals looking to better themselves and their organization. Each chapter has thoughtful lessons and strategies that I have already applied to improve my own work and life.

- Lexi

I read this BRILLIANT book on my phone reader during a week of decompression from a year of personal change, at a secret retreat with my wife. ENGAGING me in a journey it made an impact on me. RIDICULOUS how many pages of information I highlighted to implement in my company and life!

- Tom D.

Now Available on Audible
Narrated by Joe Mechlinski, the audiobook includes the same explosive science and exercises, but with a personal twist from the author.

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