Shift The Work

70% of the American workforce is disengaged.

Tens of millions of people with glazed over eyes.
Tens of millions of people unplugged from their work.
Tens of millions of people dreading the work week.

We spend one-third of our lives at work. We believe those hours should count for something!

Deeply rooted in science, Shift The Work, creates a truly actionable solution for our disengaged workforce. It gets to the heart of employee engagement—to the people—and to the neurons at the center of it all.

By bridging the connection between engagement at work and in life; this book aims to be the most powerful workforce engagement tool on the planet.

If you want to understand the true driving force behind engagement while personally achieving more happiness and productivity at work—then look no further.

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“Shift The Work solves the riddle of the connection between engagement at work and engagement with life: If you don't have the first, you can't have the second. In this engaging, interactive work, Joe Mechlinski draws from his own impressive life experiences to show how to go all in, in everything you do. This is an inspiring read.”

– Dan Pink

“Joe is not new to the world of best selling books. His bluntness is clarity and should not be confused with the typical powerpoint business advice books. Behind his words is a compassion for allowing people to better themselves by an embrace of clarity of purpose. This is an excellent read.”

– Richard Saul Wurman
Author and creator of TED

“The best investment you can make in your business is in your employees. Joe Mechlinski shares his fail-proof formula for getting employees to WANT to come to work again and to WANT to work for you – building something great. This is a business bible at SafetyPIN.”

– Jenny Thompson
CEO and Founder, SafetyPIN Technologies

“Joe Mechlinski’s amazing personal experiences, engaging work with hundreds of client companies, and deep research forms the basis for immensely revealing and valuable insights, principles and practices that illuminate a powerful path forward into deeper engagement at work – and in life. Going all in with Shift The Work will open doors to a much more rewarding life and work for you – and everyone you touch!”

– Steve Lishansky
CEO, Optimize International

"It’s hard to be happy in life if you are just going through the motions at work. Too many of us are quick to blame our upbringing, or “the system,” or the President, for being stuck in our current situation. In Shift The Work, Mechlinski shares several impactful stories and ideas that show us how to we can take control of our outcomes and create a happier and fulfilling life for ourselves and those around us."

– Derek Coburn
Author of Networking Is Not Working

“Shift the Work helps to answer the question, “Can you have it all?” In a brilliant and poignant way, Joe Mechlinski says you must have it all. The times we are in – with changing industries and changing environments – the constant must be our ability to have holistic adaption. Thank you, Joe for this imperative book.”

– Wes Moore
Author of The Other Wes Moore and The Work


Meet the Author

Joe Mechlinski is a community advocate, speaker, entrepreneur, and best-selling author. His debut book, Grow Regardless, became an instant New York Times, USA Today,, and Barnes& bestseller.

As CEO and Co-Founder of SHIFT, Joe has helped hundreds of companies prosper through some of the worst economic times in history. Joe’s mission is to empower business leaders to create engaged, high performing cultures and grow their organizations regardless of their size, their industry, or the economy.

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