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Register now for an upcoming employee engagement training webinar. Topics span the entire employee engagement spectrum from work-life integration, performance management, onboarding, neuroscience, and effective leadership. Each training session is led by a SHIFT expert and packed with the latest workplace trends, psychology-backed tactics and engagement best practices you can easily implement within your own organization.

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Joe Mechlinski
Host: Joe Mechlinski, CEO of SHIFT

Creating a Culture of Innovation

Innovation is personal. To innovate you need a profound sense of being, business, and beliefs. It's about taking the path so unknown, that until this moment, no one had the brains or bravery to trek. Do your employees have the right tools and support to journey into the unknown?

Join Joe Mechlinski, New York Times bestselling author and CEO of SHIFT, as he teaches you how to embrace innovation on a cultural level. Joe will show you how to lay the framework for innovation within your organization, regardless of size or industry using — offering key insights, research, and examples along the way. 

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Create a Culture of Innovation Training Webinar
Alexandra - Employee Engagement Training Webinars
Host: Alexandra Wieland, Director of Consulting Operations at SHIFT

Accountability-Centric Coaching: How to Deliver More Employee Eye-Openers

Turn your knowledge into a powerful, portable asset for your team by becoming a master coach. Join Alexandra Wieland, Director of Consulting Operations, as she breaks down cutting-edge coaching techniques, different leadership and awareness types, and the importance of self-awareness among both mentors and mentees. You'll identify the common thread remarkable leaders share and how to effectively motivate your direct reports while driving ownership over projects.

Register now for this FREE training session to start emulating the traits of today’s top leaders (and push your team to victory).

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Host: Andrew Freedman, Managing Partner at SHIFT

Six Musts For Executing An Awe-Inspiring Meeting

Join Andrew Freedman, Managing Partner at SHIFT, as he teaches you how to infuse your meetings with productivity and energy. Using his easy-to-implement tactics, you’ll feel empowered by the possibility of creating meetings that move people to action.

Andrew focuses on meetings at every point — from pre-flight to wrap up. You'll also be able to explore tools and worksheets that will provide a seamless blueprint for your most pressing meetings.

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Meeting 2
Joe Mechlinski
Host: Joe Mechlinski, CEO of SHIFT

How to Reflect and Reset to Prepare for Your Best Year Yet

Join Joe Mechlinski, CEO of SHIFT, as he walks you through SHIFT’s most celebrated tool: The RESET Proclamation. This tool has developed a cult-like following (thank you to SHIFT nation) for its revolutionary approach to setting action and intention behind your annual goals. Joe will add insight to each step and force you to re-prioritize how you approach the year ahead. Register now - this complimentary session promises to be the best investment of your time that you’ll make all week (maybe even all year).

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RESET Proclamation Training Session