Latch fuses
technology and storytelling to connect, engage, and drive performance in all work environments


Pulse Checks

Collect continuous, real-time feedback to understand employee sentiment. Use the data insights to create responsive stories and more prescriptive initiatives and interventions.

Group 207


Authentic Storytelling

Create and share powerful digital storytelling experiences to address current organizational dynamics. Combine packaged & customized stories and learning content to improve:

  • Clarity on where the company is going and how it will get there - a perfect solution for corporate communications.
  • Connection to the mission and each other. Sharing stories breaks down the digital Zoom silos and allows humans to connect to humans - bringing culture to life.
  • Community and sense of belonging, as it’s fundamental to our well-being.


Data-Driven Decisions

Monitor how stories are resonating through reflection and action prompts. By combining real-time data and predictive insights from AI/machine learning, you can direct the creation of future stories and business initiatives to drive cultural change, retention, engagement, and organizational performance.