we are SHIFT

We’re on a mission to shift the work world to
transform the real world.

70% of the American workforce is disengaged. What that means is that with every tick of the clock, tens of millions of people anxiously sleepwalk another inch closer to their breaking point.

Tens of millions of people with glazed over eyes.
Tens of millions of people with feet heavy from hopelessness.
Tens of millions of people with hearts unplugged from their work.
Tens of millions of people watching the clock and waiting for the weekend.

Have you noticed it?

Since 2001, SHIFT has been in the business of helping organizations (and individuals within them) once again strive, strengthen, and surge! Our successes, pathways, and proprietary methodologies have been forged in the beautiful struggle of helping 500+ businesses to finally flourish.

But we’re just getting started.

Leaders continue to believe they understand what motivates people, basing their actions on personal experience or bias, rather than what is known about brains in the body. Yup, we said brains in the body. These organic trenches of influence deeply shape both your perspective and priorities, your emotions and passions, your purpose and drive.

Are you listening to them?

It’s time to shift our thinking from dogma to data, from story to science, and ultimately, from anecdote to evolved intelligence to re-engage the world.

We believe business is the spark that will ignite this extraordinary change, where…

People go home better friends, fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, siblings, and partners.

Processes are leaner, tighter, focused and efficient.

Performance isn’t something we aspire to; we surpass all limits and never look back.

Purpose is found in everything we do, because it’s what lights us up, and makes us go all in.

We are fearless.
We are bold.
We are SHIFT.

Better you.
Better us.
Better all.