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SHIFT Society is the world’s most innovative, mission-driven, invite-only membership community of entrepreneurs and executives. Our community of leaders supports and challenges each other during curated experiences that foster a multi-dimensional approach to business performance, evolved leadership, social impact and personal transformation.

As a Baltimore-based collective, we're revolutionizing business and creating meaningful change within our communities across the nation.

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The Society Experience

Our experiences deliver transformative, usable, and impactful moments to our members. Filled with new perspectives, perceptions, and people; sessions stimulate holistic professional development at every level. Standard SHIFT Society sessions include expert-led business and/or impact development, health and wellness, and key networking components.

Better You

Elite Experiences

Members are immersed in sessions that acknowledge and challenge the four dimensions of self: business, body, balance and being. This empowers members to push beyond their limits and achieve greater success.

Better Us

Business Growth

Success is often about being in the right room with the right people. We provide world-class business strategies, resources, and connections so members can transform their organizations.

Better All

Ethos of Ethics

We believe that money and mission are not mutually exclusive. Our ventures supersede smart business to ignite smart impact, locally and globally, to create sustainable, lasting change.

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Our Members

SHIFT Society melds the brightest business minds to support and challenge each other. Our community includes top Integrators, Innovators, Influencers, Impactors and Investors.

At the core, these leaders share the belief they can not just transform but transcend into business evangelists capable of sparking societal change. 

Our Members

Nayla SHIFT Society
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Men and women who live by these values:

  • Practice awareness and live more wholly and healthily
  • Move quickly, fail faster, and never stop learning
  • Do the work with discipline, data, and digitalization
  • Instigate more change, compassion and courage in the world
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Start-ups. The most innovative in their space, constantly looking to push boundaries and surpass limits. These women and men make the seemingly impossible, possible – their product, service, or mission is a change agent for good.

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Corporate Executives. The most influential doers, determined to help us turn tiny ripples into rogue waves. These women and men are inspiring leaders building world-class cultures that attract the best talent and retain only those who are all in.

Shift Society - Influencers


Not for profit leaders. The most impactful women and men, within their companies and communities, because they seek to change the world.


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Venture Capitalist and Angels. Folks who are willing to invest their time, treasure, and talent into emerging, mission-driven leaders.

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Not Sure Where You Fit?

Not sure where you fit in the SHIFT Society formula? We're here to help. We have created the most innovative, inspiring, and impactful collective by curating the most transformative and usable experiences, gatherings, and conversations in business. At the heart of this transformative tribe is its people.

Do you have SHIFT Society DNA? Let's start a conversation to find your fit.

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Membership Requirements

We take pride in our rigorous membership requirements. Members range from Fortune 500 leaders to startups with series-A funding to executives of global non-profits and everything in between.
SHIFT Society membership is on an invite-only basis. Interested individuals are encouraged to request membership consideration. Upon review, our Chief Impact Officer, Eliza Graham, may reach out to you to better understand your fit.

 Request Membership Consideration:

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SHIFT Society

The world’s biggest issues can and will be solved by entrepreneurs with the courage to shift.

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"Every time I come out of SHIFT Society, I'm totally pumped up. It is like, 'Wow, man, I can make a difference in the world. I can make a difference in my company. I can influence the people I work with. I can be a better leader.'"

Bill Atkinson
Partner, 212 Communications

“I'm very seldom in a room with so many different entrepreneurs. It's always good to get into a different environment and learn from other people's failures and successes. SHIFT Society offers that to me, I feel very comfortable in getting support... and realize that I'm not the only one that's in this struggle.”
Rodney Hawkins

Rodney Hawkins
President & CEO, Washington Technology Group Inc.

“SHIFT has helped shape me as an entrepreneur because it has given me the knowledge base and skill set that compliments what I already have. Teaches me the things I don’t know and putting me around other people that know things better than I do.”

John Magiros
Family Wealth Director, Morgan Stanley

“What I love about SHIFT Society is being in a room with like-minded people from all different industries and different focuses who all share the same mission, to create great companies that give back to the community.”
Jenny Thompson-1

Jenny Thompson
CEO and Founder, SafetyPin Technologies

“SHIFT Society is the uber-smart, committed group of entrepreneurs in the area that I know I can go to to stretch myself, to improve my business, to improve myself, to improve my community, because they're all dedicated to doing all those things. It's just the best group for me to team with to go do that.”

Brian LeGette
CEO, ZeroChroma | Entrepreneur in Residence, Sagamore Ventures

“SHIFT Society has helped me change me as a business leader. I can solve problems now that I wouldn’t have been able to solve myself. There are mentors in SHIFT who have been there and done this before who I can really ask about serious problems I am going through, and my business is going through, and they have tons of answers that can really help me grow.”

Evan Lutz
CEO, Hungry Harvest

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