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Microsoft Case Study - SHIFT Consulting

Technology: Microsoft Engages and Retains Managers

Problem: Internal promotion from technical to management roles led to high turnover, largely due to a lack of clarity around new responsibilities.

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Media Case Study - SHIFT Consulting

Media: Aligned Leadership Strategies Promote Culture Growth Potential

Problem: A command and control culture, paired with ineffective strategies led this media company to a place of stagnant growth and poor retention.

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Financial Services Case Study - SHIFT Consulting

Financial Services: Optimized for 20% Increase to Overall Employee Engagement 

Problem: Waning bandwidth and limited-access to a strategic relationship with advisors left many in the field salesforce unengaged and unable to reach peak performance.

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Technology: A Refined Focus Led to 4% Financial Growth

Problem: After morphing from a professional services firm to a technology company, the business needed clarity and alignment to overcome growing pains and promote growth.

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Growth Works

Through SHIFT's Growth Works program, we empower organizations to focus on what is most important to drive employee engagement and implement critical strategies for sustainable growth. Our proven methodologies and expertise enables us to deliver short-term and long-term paths towards organizational vision, clarity, alignment, and engagement.

Performance Works

Through SHIFT’s Performance Works program, we accelerate individual and organizational performance by identifying the hidden factors that drive results, documenting proven practices that can be replicated across the organization, and eliminating barriers to more consistent success.

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