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August 25, 2020 Andrew Freedman

How to Build a Healthy, Vibrant, High Performing Organization

I was recently discussing how company culture and strategy are tightly linked in building high performing, healthy organizations during one of the graduate-level business strategy classes I facilitate at a local university.  ...

August 13, 2020 Alexandra Wieland

How to Be Selfish With Your Time, Without Being a Jerk

I once read this line that really stuck with me: "You can live your life by disruption or by intention." Another way to perceive that is that you can either choose to be distracted or you can honor your time and own every moment.

June 24, 2020 Andrew Freedman

6 Best Practices for Effective Communication: Remote Work and Beyond

Effective communication is at the core of every high-functioning workplace. It helps relay information, build relationships, and create trust, among other things. Although we’ve been working to refine our abilities to...

May 11, 2020 Jaime Torchiana

Remote Work Best Practices: How to Thrive While Working From Home

Human beings are habitual creatures. Whether we’re working in a regular office or making the transition to remote work, routine is good. But it could be hard to find that working from home. As plenty of people have already...

January 27, 2020 Jim Patton

How to Get Your Employees to Successfully Achieve Annual Goals

The beginning of a new year is always an exciting time—especially when it coincides with the dawn of a new decade.  Like many others on the threshold of 2020, your employees likely spent the end of 2019 and the start of January...

November 13, 2019 Jaime Torchiana

Achieve Performer Excellence not Speediness

Basketball, football, hockey, triathlons, bull riding, the New York City Marathon: Just a few examples of finite games where time adds an increased challenge and timing helps determine the winner. Fire fighting, emergency...

January 18, 2019 Joe Mechlinski

30 Things That Will Make You a Stronger Leader

A look back at the best podcasts, best business books, best free online courses, best leadership blogs and everything else that helped shape leaders in 2018. Leadership is far from an inherited behavior; it’s a quality born from...

December 3, 2018 Carly Cope

The Four C’s of Humanity (And Their Role in Smart Business)

If you defined humanity, you might say something like: humanity is the state of being human, or it is a human’s ability to think, process, and communicate. You might also connect humanity with feelings we experience, like love,...

May 16, 2018 Joe Mechlinski

Get Ready to Hustle Hard and Never Settle With Mario Armstrong

This episode of Shift Happens, featuring two-time Emmy award winner Mario Armstrong, will have you rethinking “normal.” Think the number one skill a talk show host needs to possess is conversation skills? Think the road to...