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3 Ways to Become a Magnet for High Performers

January 4, 2021 Andrew Freedman

3 Ways to Become a Magnet for High Performers

Regardless of when you read this blog, there has NEVER been a better time for your organization to attract high performers to your organization.

We are big believers that when you find individuals who can add massive value to your company and your clients, you need to find a place for them on your team.

The issue is that you are working too darn hard to find, attract, hire, and retain these great performers. And, in many cases, when you think you’ve hired a top performer the results don’t match the intent.

Your company should be a magnet for top talent. IMAGINE– the best of the best are knocking on your door, emailing you, coming to you via introductions, and all asking how they can be a part of what is happening and how they can contribute. They want to help you grow your enterprise, and although they could work anywhere they chose YOUR company as the only place that makes sense.

You can do this, and your company can be this. Here are 3 ways to help you turn your organization into a magnet for high performers:

Get clear on the organization’s vision, values, and behaviors.
At an organizational level this clarity must exist. The entirety of the company must be aligned in bringing these elements to life. If we claim that one of our aspirations is to intimately know our customers so we can anticipate their needs and offer proactive service to them, yet we don’t think or behave in ways that are aligned to those outcomes, the entire system breaks down. When you do interview top performers they will see right through the façade. And they will choose not to bring their skills and talents to your organization. When you get it right, they will be unbelievably inspired and grateful to join the team.

Define what great performance actually means.
Study the folks who are the top performers in the company. They think differently, have a different mental model when it comes to performing their role, and they also have self-designed processes and ways of doing things that are invisible to the rest of the organization. The best way to understand these things is to study the way these folks do their work. Only then can you understand those elements and move towards replicating them.

Share the news!
Inside and outside the organization. The culture must be one where folks live the brand, the vision, the mission and, the values – in everything they do. This includes sharing (not in an obtrusive or obnoxious way; but rather a consistent manner that aligns to the culture of the organization) thought leadership, company news, and educational information with the company’s and the employees’ communities – in person and on social media. This is part of the employee, client, and community experience. And it’s critical to attracting the right talent to the organization. If people can’t see an expression of the brand in regular practice, how are they supposed to ever find you or be attracted to you?

If you build it, they will come…

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