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The Heart Is Your Power Plan

January 30, 2019 Joe Mechlinski


A challenge for all of us is to fill our need of connection in a constructive, rather than destructive, manner. 

Unfortunately, the destructive path, as one might imagine, is far easier to pursue. Fixing your marriage, pursuing an education, and finding engaging work are much more difficult than doing drugs, joining a gang, or even staying in the same dead-end job.

The heart has energy. We all know someone with infectious energy. What we don’t all know is the biological explanation for how people can change the mood in a room.

The heart acts like a magnetic field, radiating its moods to anyone in proximity. When we engage someone, whether through touch or proximity, our hearts transfer an energy forward. While our bodies absorb the mood, our heart brain — working with our head brain — releases an energy back at the person.

Think of the brain in the heart as the body’s power plant. Power plants, as we know, don’t just use energy; they generate it.

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