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Organizations with Clear Visions Attract Employees Who Are More Engaged

January 8, 2019 Joe Mechlinski

photo-1521020773588-3b28297b1e70Workers are like drivers heading down a dark road, and the company’s values and mission are the headlights that show them a path forward. 

Even if the headlights are only strong enough to show you what’s 15 feet ahead, you still feel confident continuing down the road because you have faith that the company’s mission will keep guiding you through the darkness.

To have any chance at engaging the head brain, we need to work for organizations that have clear visions, and our roles in contributing to the mission should be clear. We must feel that we are provided with the space to use our frontal cortices to innovate in our jobs. It’s about the things that wake us up in the morning, and the ones that won’t let us sleep at night.

Core 4, a leadership exercise designed by the consultant Gerry Sandusky, starts with a few simple questions: When you meet someone, what is the impression you want to leave on him or her? How do you want other people to see your vision and values? What’s your essence?

Several of the major technology companies that have launched in the last generation are steadfast when it comes to the question of mission. Google, for example, has bought tons of other companies, some of them major, like YouTube. But they haven’t gotten away from their original mission. Even with their many major acquisitions over the years, the look of its home web page hasn’t changed.

Consistency is something that can lead to engagement, if it's also part of a strong, empathetic company mission.  

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