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Listen to Your Gut Brain to Lead You Toward Your Purpose

January 1, 2019 Joe Mechlinski


When we are passionate about what we do, we can allow our feelings to help us achieve our top priorities and realize our greater purpose. We need to experience purpose. 

The brain in the gut is torn between trust and distrust. It influences our decisions and reactions. It’s what triggers our protective fight-or-flight instinct. 

Yet, with a 70 percent disengaged workforce, of which 50 percent are sleepwalking through their jobs and 20 percent are downright miserable, this tells us that those people (and their employers) are ignoring basic instincts. Most people ignore their gut brains, and do what they don't want to do despite the warnings their own bodies tell them. Little wonder that people remain disengaged. 

We stay in meaningless jobs, mistaking complacency for commitment, having lost sight of our purpose in life. 

To be completely engrossed in what we do, we must know that we are having impact and be able to drive our purpose inside and outside of the workplace. 

The importance of purpose cannot be overstated. It grounds us, provides meaning, and serves as a guide to establish priorities, achieve goals, and go ALL IN. 

Yet, SHIFT’s engagement data shows that only 24 percent of employees believe their mission and purpose is compatible with their company’s. We spend one-third of our lifetime at work; shouldn’t it light us up?

The thing is, too many of us compromise instead of finding what excites us. It's true that the millennial generation is more likely to seek work that has purpose, and to change jobs until the right job comes along that aligns with that greater purpose. But too many people remain stuck where they are, disengaged, afraid to shift to something that has meaning. They need to listen to what their guts are saying: and to trust their instincts. 

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