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Year in Review: Our Top Moments, Milestones, and Moonshots of 2022

December 21, 2022 Joe Mechlinski

If we could all just end the year like Argentina ended the World Cup final... 2022 would go down in the books as a huge success story!

Whether a raging sports fan or not, hopefully, you caught one of the greatest, most drama-filled soccer matches of all time, with Argentina pulling out a win over France in a nail-biting shootout.

What I appreciate about these magical sports moments is the feel-good buzz and the slew of takeaways that apply to work, our teams, and organizations.

As I watched the epic battle and reflected on 2022, these themes resonated:

Big players show up BIG for big games

"I can no longer ask for anything else." That's what Lionel Messi said as he closed out his career with the ultimate prize – the World Cup.

We all know at the end of the day, our success as leaders is contingent on the players we have on our teams. This past year, helping our clients "keep their big players" has been a core focus and it's paid off big time.

Sometimes a hat-trick isn't enough (but you can still be proud)

Kylian Mbappe gave France a fighting change with his 3 goals but it wasn't enough to win.

There were times in 2022 when it felt like no matter what we did, it wasn't enough to get to where we wanted to go. And while we didn't nail a hat-trick every day, we are proud of what we've accomplished. No matter how your year went, be sure to find, honor, and appreciate those bright spots.

It's not over until it's over

With only a few days left in 2022 and as we look to the Year of the Rabbit, we remain committed to our mission to change the way people work to transform the way they live.

As a thank you for being a part of our SHIFTiverse (SHIFT Universe), we've pulled together our Best of the Best 2022 highlight reel.

22 in 2022: Moments, Milestones, & Moonshots

1. People Are Latching Onto Latch

We rebuilt our tech platform called Latch... in 1/10th of the cost and time that it took the first go around.


2. Word of the Year = Asynchronous 

With 252% more meetings now, Zoom has become torture for most of us. To combat this, we have focused on building our "asynchronous" muscle to effectively collaborate without another meeting.

3. We're in the AI Game

No, not the kind that will take over the world and annihilate all humans. Our AI gives leaders the ability to understand what their people need and feel in real time.

4. Coming Out the Gate Hot

In partnership with expert.ai... we won the AI for Employee Engagement Award – win!


5. We Raised a 7-Figure Round of Investment

It's one thing when you bet on yourself, but it's another when other people bet on you, especially ones who believe in our mission and want to see us scale Latch.

6. Global Research Study of the Year

We partnered up with Infinite Potential to fight the war on burnout and penned this gem – The State of Workplace Burnout 2023


7. #1 Most Watched TEDx Talk in August

To say this was amazing is an understatement – speaking for TEDx gets checked off the bucket list.

8. SHIFT's First Space Expedition

So maybe we didn't land on the moon, but we did land our first-ever space company as a client. We're excited that they're in our orbit 😂

9. Employee Wellbeing Program of the Year

We can't stop talking about LifeGuides. Free to our team AND their significant others, the platform offers guides for life's challenges.

10. Innovative Meeting Experience of the Year

We saw the Northern Lights, had snowball fights, flew among the clouds, and teleported to far-off places at our company retreat... in the metaverse. Morpheus XR is up to cool things.


11. Breaking Through the Noise

From founders to rocket scientists, Jeff Lesher, the host of IFOW, released 34 action-packed episodes just in 2022 alone. We also hit the 100th episode milestone which was an exciting moment.

12. Say Yes to Flow

This conversation with Rian Doris proved how flow leads to magic. Check out Flow Research Collective if you want to level up.

13. We're on the Same Wavelength

What the Heck is EOS? – transparency, accountability, and traction. Ninety.io is how we bring the Entrepreneurial Operating System to life.

14. Speaking of Traction

Selfish plug --> 700% growth on Latch. Seeing the success of our clients using Latch gave us the momentum to truly evolve into the tech-enabled consultancy we are today.

15. Raving Fan Metric

If a positive NPS score is any score above zero, you can bet that we're pumped to see our Latch NPS score coming in at 43. We're happy our clients are happy and it's a win to beat the industry average by 20%.

16. Hybrid Solutions for Hybrid Work

We designed new programs to help leaders navigate this modern work world – Culture Boost, Leadership Lift, and Performance Shift.

17. Teams Are Rowing in Different Directions

Thanks to digital overload, leaders are struggling to crack the code to get their teams on the same page.

Check out how to overcome this hurdle.


18. What Leaders Are Thinking but Won't Say

Hybrid work is a privilege, not a right. Yes, the word privilege makes people cringe, but hear me out as to why we need to shift this mindset.

19. All for One and Ownership for All

We made it rain stock options for our SHIFT team. Some outside advisors warned us from giving as many stock options as we did... BUT it was only right to go above and beyond for our people who consistently go above and beyond.

20. Growing Regardless

We gave birth to Latch this year... and our teammate just had a baby boy a few days ago. Bringing new life into the world is the perfect reminder to celebrate and appreciate what we have.

21. Feeling Full on Tacos

HeyTaco is the (inexpensive) Slack integration you never knew you needed. Virtual tacos drive a surprising amount of peer-to-peer recognition. This is not a paid ad – we just really love celebrating each other with a taco or two.


22. Number of the Year

We lit the candle on SHIFT's 22nd birthday cake. With 22 years under our belt and a combined 92 years of tenure, we've come a long way.

Last but not least...

We're gearing up to host a virtual half-day SHIFT Summit in Q1 next year.

The theme? Digital collaboration. From leveling up your digital emotional intelligence to unpacking what it means to be a good hybrid teammate, we're designing this event based on what we're hearing that people need most.

This event will be free for our clients, and for non-clients, it'll cost $199/person to get in on the action.

Next year will be what we make it, so let's buckle up and make 2023 a year we'll be proud to look back on.

Bonus: Because it's that time of year, here's a helpful tool for a fast start in 2023 – RESET Playbook. This tool has guided thousands of executive leaders through the planning process. Plus, it's the perfect exercise for any upcoming offsites, retreats, or team meetings to kick off the New Year.

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