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Stick the Landing & Extend the Magic

April 19, 2023 β€’ Joe Mechlinski

latch unlocks

πŸ”“ This week's Latch Unlock?

Leverage Latch to stick the landing and extend the magic of your next team gathering.

252% ➑️ the percentage increase in meetings since the pandemic! We all know more meetings aren't the answer and asynchronous collaboration is here to stay.

And we also know that some meetings must happen. One reason is that your team wants and needs to connect with you and each other.

🎨 Co-create the agenda with your team  

The shortest route to radically increasing engagement is to get your team involved BEFORE the meeting.

1. Record a video sharing the high-level theme.

A client who has experienced rapid growth through acquisition chose the theme of "building a tighter community" for their upcoming town hall. He shared what community meant to him, the vision, and asked what they wanted to hear and learn at the town hall.

2. Capture the team's input using the Reflect & Act prompts.

After the video, everyone answered these questions:

  • Reflect: What would you like to hear about at our next town hall, specifically around building community?

  • Act: How can you bring your team along to help us build our community in a hybrid environment?

3. Shape the agenda using the team's input.

The responses to these questions led to great suggestions from the team, like:


πŸͺ„ Stick the landing and extend the magic

Doesn't it feel like the palpable energy and inspiration at team gatherings seem to evaporate into thin air once the meeting is over? Latch is the perfect way to land the plane and fuel forward momentum.

Here's what's worked for our clients:


Yes, it's normal to fear asking your team to rate the meeting – after all you spent countless hours planning it – but doing so shows you care about your team's experience and gives you insight for making the next one better.

One of our clients has three priorities for 2023. After their retreat, we turned each of these priorities into Latch campaigns featuring different leaders to:

  • Break down the priorities in more detail

  • Share progress against milestones and capture feedback from the team

  • Engage the team to lean in, get involved, and take action

That’s what we call a Latch Unlock.

πŸ’™ We got your back

Need help planning your next team all-hands? We're here to talk it through and bring it to life with you.

Of course, you can also check out these resources for inspiration...

Ready to learn more about how Latch can transform your organization? Let's chat.

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