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How to Become an Even Better Entrepreneur

May 21, 2018 Joe Mechlinski

When Mike McDevitt, Founder and CEO of Terra's Kitchen, was a boy, he didn't dream of starting a meal-preparation company. But he did regularly enjoy home-cooked meals with his family. These experiences established incredible bonding and fond memories. Becoming a father and raising a family of his own, that nostalgia returned to inspire a new idea in an untapped market. Now, more than three years since it's inception, Terra's Kitchen is a top meal-kit delivery service that's been featured by:

  • Forbes
  • Reader's Digest
  • Self
  • Parents
  • The Talk
  • Bon Appetit
  • Women's Health

...to name only a few.

Behind this incredible brand is an even more fascinating story! Mike, a serial entrepreneur, started his career in private equity ━ an early plot to learn the ins and outs of business that flourished into an unexpected journey. The CEO of not one, but two companies, a husband, a father, and an introvert turned extrovert, Mike speaks frankly about how you can: 

    • leverage lessons in parenting to develop as a leader,
  • navigate hard truths (and find acceptance) through meditation, and
  • become an even better entrepreneur with every new business endeavor

Past this, Mike shares how family has impacted his life and how Terra’s Kitchen is on a mission to impact the lives of its subscribers. Less slicing and dicing, more quality time around the dinner table, and contributing more to the world throughout the process.


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