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3 Ways to Achieve Financial Freedom

May 22, 2018 Joe Mechlinski


Personal finance is just different when you’re an entrepreneur.


So is being a partner, a parent, a friend, a sibling, a daughter, a son… you get the point.

Garrett Gunderson gets this.

As a New York Times bestselling author and the CEO and Founder of Wealth Factory, Garrett has built his mission around empowering entrepreneurs to build their financial legacy. But let me backup, because  this episode kicks off a little differently…

Instead of jumping right into business, Garrett shares the family feud that triggered his ah-ha moment about financial wealth.

And, a little about his own family, his entrepreneurial journey, and his approach to life ━ which for him, means sharing non-monetary assets now (and after he’s gone).

Trust me, whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, what Garrett shares is highly relatable to all. From the formation of family values and showing up as your best-self for your partner and your children, to keeping the passion alive in business and at-home, we cover it all.

Plus, Garrett shares his latest endeavor: stand-up comedy. Yep, finance funny-guy. Why not?!


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