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Shift Happens with Jenny Thompson: How to Get a "Yes" When You're Not Even in The Room

March 30, 2018 Joe Mechlinski


Jenny Thompson is a natural-born marketer with a fascinating life story...

  • Began writing marketing jingles at age six.
  • Suspended in 6th grade for going against the grain.
  • Maintained order as a Court Bailiff.
  • Founded a company on a mission to make meeting people online safer called, SafetyPIN.

More than striving for cyber safety, Jenny comes to the Shift Happens table with strong opinions about the current state of our society, the #metoo movement, education in low income areas, and security post 9-11. So whether you agree with her or disagree with her, love her or hate her (trust me, you’re gonna love her), I give her props for fearlessly speaking her mind.

Bottom line: Jenny is an extraordinary marketer driven my a keen purpose to make you and our world safer.

In this episode of Shift Happens, Jenny shares:

  • Reasons why marketing has the wrong reputation
  • The importance of fostering entrepreneurial sparks in children
  • How online security heavily influences our security offline

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