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Shift Happens with Dan Pink: Top Reasons Why Timing Does Matter

March 19, 2018 Joe Mechlinski

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For years I’ve listened to dozens of podcasts, loving the opportunity to consume content on a new and convenient platform. Joe Rogan, HBR IdeaCast, Office Hours, Dax Shepard, Serial, and EntreLeadership are just a few favorites.

While listening, a little thought kept pushing to the front of my mind: I could do this!  

Today, I’m excited to share the launch of my new podcast, Shift Happens. Check out the latest episodes on iTunes and Android.

Shift Happens explores productivity tips, politics, climate change, work-life balance, and everything in between.

The first season, Icons and Influencers, is a series of interviews with prolific entrepreneurs and thought leaders. But instead of focusing on what makes them superheroes, I dig in to learn what makes them human.

The first episode features New York Times bestselling author Dan Pink. We talked about his insightful new book, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing.

He also shared a goldmine of information and insight about:

  • Why he forces himself to struggle while writing
  • The best time to schedule important appointments… doctors or otherwise
  • Stress testing ideas, so they don’t flop and you don’t waste your time

You’re probably asking yourself, “Why now, Joe? Why should I subscribe to another podcast?”

Plain and simple… putting this together has been the most fun I’ve had in awhile and I can’t wait for the lessons of Shift Happens to challenge your thinking and change your perspective.

Click here to download Dan Pink’s episode on Shift Happens, and let me know what you think by leaving a review! 


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