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Make the Switch: Why Your Company Should Implement Semi-Annual Performance Reviews

May 5, 2016 Jessica Drew


The goal of a performance review is to drive performance, create accountability, and to clarify roles and responsibilities. Reviews should be utilized as a mechanism to promote career development, as well as integrate values and behaviors into the fabric of the company culture.

Forbes did a study on the top influencers that motivate employees. On the list there are things like leadership, happiness, relevance, and impact. With this information, companies can ask what, and how, initiatives can promote performance that result in employees feeling engaged and accountable.

Traditional performance reviews bring people together once a year to reflect and compare behavior and results from previous years. Reflection is important but, since no action is required, it does not drive performance. Too often people are not held accountable for things discussed until the following review.

At SHIFT, we have implemented semi-annual reviews that align individual goals with the overall goals of the organization. How do we do this? I’m so glad you asked! Prior to the review, the individual creates objectives as well as developmental and personal goals for the following two quarters:

• Growth objectives impact the success of the business.

• Developmental objectives are action steps towards advancing career paths.

• Personal goals define variables that, if achieved, will help the individual professionally.

What I love about this system is that every individual has the freedom to create goals based around passions or strategies that they think will grow the organization. Growth objectives create the tangible, desired results. Developmental goals will define your strategy. And your personal goals ensure the balance of life priorities to keep employees excited about coming to work every day.

During the review we’ll talk about how, as an employee, we have upheld and demonstrated the company’s values, while meeting the goals outlined in the prior review. Through monthly 1:1 meetings, we create and monitor milestones for the projects and goals that were made in the previous review. This collaborative approach is a win-win for everyone, because it reminds both employers and employees of their commitments and expectations.

The article in Forbes is straightforward with its notion that employees look for motivation every day. When you have clear and defined priorities, which are discussed monthly and semi-annually, it demonstrates an engaged leadership team. And not just any team, but one that values their employees’ needs for continuing education, recognition, and the ability to impact the growth of the organization.

As Talent Acquisition Manager, Jessica focuses on finding the right candidates to fit our clients’ needs. She works with our clients to understand the exact skills and attributes that would fit with the cultural climate and their environment.

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