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Accelerating Truth With Latch

April 10, 2023 Joe Mechlinski

latch unlocks

Unlocking inspiration and engagement without resorting to unproductive meetings and more emails is a tall order. There are many reasons for the struggle, but the biggest is that there’s no precedent for what works in today’s hybrid work world. 

Executive Leaders are pulling out all the stops to get employees clearer, more aligned, and taking action…and they’re still unsure if their attempts are working. 

The good news? Over the last few months, we’ve witnessed story after story where Latch is shedding light on what really matters to employees, creating meaningful moments that would have otherwise been missed, and driving insights that are enabling leaders to make faster, more precise decisions. 

We want to share stories that showcase the myriad of ways Latch can help you win with the community of people who are critical for your organization’s success.

Looking for a quick refresher as to what Latch is all about? Watch here.

Unlock: Accelerating Truth With Latch

As Executives, we’ve all had the unfortunate experience of big news getting leaked
before it’s supposed to, forcing us into damage control mode. This is a story of a Latch unlock that enabled our client to regain control of the narrative and avoid a potential HR challenge.  

Back from a promising business trip, the CEO received news that details about the expansion of business operations into Pakistan had been inadvertently shared in a meeting where not everyone was yet aware of this move. In normal times, growth is something to proudly broadcast, yet this announcement needed more strategic thought as many of their employees were already experiencing FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) about the security of their jobs due to the volatile economic conditions and concern about layoffs.

In these situations, lag times are bad, so the Executive Team knew they needed to move quickly and get ahead of the communication blunder. They recorded a Latch video about the expansion into Pakistan – including the why, when, what, and how – and then asked the team directly to share their questions.

Deep breath…

They expected questions about staffing and timeline and such, but one employee asked an unexpected (and public) question, “How do we feel about doing work in a country that has a history of human rights violations especially when it comes to women’s rights?” 


While they regained control of the narrative, they now had a potential HR issue on their hands with an employee questioning the integrity of the company’s business decisions, undoing the many years of being an industry leader when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Here’s what the Executive Team did: 

Acknowledge it: 

The HR Director called the employee to hear her perspective, understand her concerns, and reiterate the company’s commitment to creating a fair and equal workplace for all team members. This went a long way for the employee and made her feel seen, heard, and understood. Latch was the accelerator for igniting a conversation about a sticky topic that needed white glove treatment.

Address it: 

The Executive Team looked through the comments and pulled together a list of FAQs about the expansion into Pakistan so that they could address ALL of the concerns and questions. Latch served up the insights they needed to respond in a cohesive and thoughtful way. 

Act and Close the Loop

For the next week’s launch in Latch, the CEO recorded a video walking through the FAQs and turned it back to the employees one final time to close the loop. Here’s what he asked – What is one thing you can do to support our expansion in Pakistan or any other new business initiative in our organization?” Latch helped the Executives engage the team to co-own the outcomes and make commitments to help the company level up.

The results speak for themselves:  

  • 7% increase in participation from one week to the next 

  • 2 employees asking for help to get on Latch as they experienced FOMO due to the buzz the videos created 

  • 10+ inspired actions from their team on how they can support the expansion and other initiatives 

  • A consistent message from the Executive Team about an important strategic initiative 

  • A potential HR situation avoided and an employee feeling extremely cared for

That’s what we call a Latch Unlock.

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