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What Terminator 2 Teaches You About Non-Human Algorithmic Recruiting

May 5, 2016 SHIFT


For those who have seen Terminator 2, you can appreciate why the world in that movie was better off without Cyberdyne Systems. While technology has so much to offer in the world of recruiting, humans are still invaluable in the hiring process.

We have all seen the hype these days around big data. More specifically, a game changer in recruiting right now is: algorithms. There are all kinds of start-ups popping up whose primary focus is the creation of “hiring algorithms.” While the data surfaced by these algorithms can certainly be valuable in the hiring process, human instinct will never lose relevance, and here is why:

• Interest – Can data really tell you how interested a candidate is in a position? As a recruiter, it is really exciting when you talk to a candidate who you know genuinely wants the job you are hiring for. There are plenty of candidates out there who may just be applying to apply. You really need a human to gauge a candidate’s true interest level and passion for a particular job or employer.

• Motivation – Can data always vet out the highest performers simply through a resume? Sure there may be numbers and quotas in print on a resume, but a human is in a better position to measure that through proper questioning and interview tactics.

• Honesty/Integrity – Can data best determine when a candidate is being truthful? Data can’t do an interview to make sure the facts on a resume are consistent with what a candidate says. Algorithms also cannot perform reference checks with humans in the way recruiters can to uncover potential red flags.

• Professionalism – Can algorithms vet for professionalism? Ideally a human is needed in person to properly interview and confirm the level of professionalism required. Data can’t see if a candidate wears jorts to a C-suite interview.

• Communication – Data cannot hear or see a candidate’s communication and presentation skills. This is best left to the eyes and ears of a recruiter to screen over the phone, Skype, or in-person.

While algorithms can certainly bring a lot to the table in potentially raising resumes to the top of the pile, humans will always be needed to adequately make the best hire possible for an employer.

If algorithms completely replaced humans, would that lead to Judgment Day for all employers?

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