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What Do Surveys and Diversity Trends Have in Common? You.

July 22, 2022 SHIFT


Are Surveys Moving You Forward or Holding You Back?

So often we hear how people dread surveys. It makes sense.

  • Employees don't feel their voice leads to meaningful change.
  • Leaders struggle to turn data insights from surveys into actionable next steps.

Without the right framework, surveys lack the substance and context needed to 1) capture meaningful sentiment and 2) inform a go-forward plan. On top of that, it's easy to let bias creep into the survey creation and responses.

Reviewing recent survey results or planning to launch a survey? You need to read this...

Our Head of Product Jessica Greenwood breaks down the common pitfalls we've all found ourselves at the bottom of.


The Employee Whisperer Talks Diversity & Inclusion

"My basic definition of diversity is you. It's the story that you show up with every single day of your life, whether it's your job or personal life. It's you. Because we're all a walking collection of stories." – Jason Greer

If we're all a walking collection of stories, then we can only better understand and connect with others by listening to and appreciating their stories.

Is this skill a given in today's society?

Do we really listen – and when we listen, do we truly appreciate others' perspectives if their lived experiences and beliefs differ from our own?

More and more it feels like this skill might need some rebuilding. That's why this episode of the Inevitable: The Future of Work podcast is one you don't want to miss.


Fast Facts and Trends to Know


🔊 Nature-inspired 'biophilic' soundscapes in work environments can increase relaxation and promote optimal cognitive functioning.

☕️ What does employee satisfaction have to do with customer satisfaction? In some cases, a free cup of coffee can make all the difference.

Are you a hybrid leader? No, this isn't about whether you're in favor of hybrid work. This is about having leadership skills as well as advanced technology skills.

🔄 According to LinkedIn data, HR has the highest turnover rate of any job function. Globally, HR had a turnover rate of almost 15% over the last 12 months – whereas the overall average turnover rate was about 11%.

😱 Encourage your team (and yourself) to create a personalized and intentional recovery plan. Why? Because "effectively recovering from periods of stress, performance, or concentration is important for emotions, moods, energy, learning integration and growth, and ultimately performance, mental and physical health, and relationships."

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