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How This One Weird Yoga Trick Guarantees You the Highest Performance Possible

September 1, 2016 Andrew Freedman

Yoga pose

I wouldn’t consider myself very proficient in my yoga practice.

Every time I take a class, though, I can say I’ve loved the experience (even though I can’t do all the poses, and experience significant discomfort from time-to-time). One of my favorite parts of class is at the very beginning when the instructors encourage students to set their intentions for the class.

No judgment
No comparing yourself to other students
No fear

I’ll often set my intentions around recognizing and focusing on my breathing, or starting to push myself to more fully execute a move (or moves) during the class. Setting intentions is such a powerful process for one’s mindset, and also for elevating performance.

With clear intentions in place, I align my focus 100% in that direction. When I find myself veering off course (judging myself for not being able to do a move, or comparing myself to other yoga students in class, as examples), I can recognize this deviation, reset my mindset and focus, and get back on course. This process is not only liberating, but a highly productive and creates space for me, where I alone can begin to chart my course towards being a better version of me.

In business, the same approach applies to elevating performance. Consider the following: 

  • At a macro level, intentions can take the form of organizational vision (Who do we aspire to be? Why does this business exist?)
  • One click further, intentions can take the form of a vision or mission of a business unit or department (in high performing organizations, this vision or mission aligns with the broader vision of the enterprise)
  • One click further, intentions can take the form of a vision for individuals within the business unit or department (you guessed it – ideally, this vision aligns with that of the business unit, and the broader organization)
  • One click further still, individuals set personal and professional goals that align with their vision (which aligns all the way up to the vision of the enterprise)

Why is this important?

Organizations with clear intentions that are aligned up, down, and across the enterprise spend less time on: 

  • Divisive internal politics and turf wars
  • Personal agendas that distract from the vision of the enterprise
  • Managing raging egos
  • Worrying about who gets “credit” for what

 … and get to spend more time on:

  • Developing employees who are fully engaged in the vision and mission of the enterprise
  • Creating client experiences that result in raving fans, consistent quality referrals, and repeat business
  • IMPACT in the communities they serve

 Dedicate time to your yoga practice – literally, and figuratively. It will transform your personal life, and your business.

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