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What Are People Leaders Tackling Right Now?

August 5, 2022 SHIFT


Why should mental health be a critical part of your business strategy?

Prioritizing mental health is fundamental to creating a healthy and high-performing culture.

Leaders have the opportunity to use work as a vehicle to light people up, inspire creativity and ingenuity, and fuel passion and purpose. When teams "go home" feeling worthy and knowing they created value, it allows people to shift the way they look and do their work.

Our advice? The first step is to get greater insight into how your people are really feeling. Don't hide from it or make assumptions.

Level Up Your Team Gatherings

Planning to host a team meeting, workshop or retreat? Stop right there!

Start by asking yourself three important questions:

  1. What do you want people to know before they leave?
  2. What do you want people to feel before they leave?
  3. What do you want people to get before they leave?

Check out our latest article to score inspiration for your next team event.


BONUS – Get a behind-the-scenes look at how we organized our recent in-person company offsite.

Extinguish Burnout at its Source

Burnout has been talked about for awhile now – and yet leaders and teams alike are STILL burnt out.

Now what?

On August 12th, we're co-hosting a webinar that will uncover the hidden truths about burnout.

People leaders from organizations like New Balance and Splunk will share how they've learned to effectively diagnose, treat, and prevent burnout.

Whether you tune in live or catch the recording after the session, make sure to register so you get full access.


Noteworthy News You Can Use


😣 A recent Korn Ferry survey found that nearly two-thirds (63%) of respondents say they plan on taking a shorter vacation this year, and more than half (58%) say being away from the office stresses them out more now than in the past.

🏃🏽 Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced an internal initiative called "Simplicity Sprint," which will crowdsource ideas from Google's 174,000 employees on how to improve productivity. People are predicting layoffs at Google coming soon...

🥱 Is boredom more likely to contribute to innovation or turnover? One study found that being bored can motivate people to seek out novelty and try new things. Yet another survey claims that boredom is a top reason why people leave their jobs. We want to hear what you think!

💙 Turn to these 20 affirmations the next time you find yourself in a negative headspace or in need of a pep talk. 

🌮 We recently added the HeyTaco Slack Integration, and we're loving how easy it is to recognize and celebrate teammates in real-time. This is not a sponsored ad – we just like to share nifty tools and tips with our SHIFT community!

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