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Trendspotting, Wake-Up Calls, Annual RESET

December 17, 2021 Misti Aaronson

Article of the Week


LinkedIn’s crystal ball predicted 29 future trends and big ideas for 2022. The good news is that many are already in motion such as: wearables and apps, “work from anywhere,” 4-day work weeks, and the emergence of digital currency. 

The article also highlighted the continued focus on mental health

After 20+ months of talking about stress, burnout, and isolation, these topics aren’t going away any time soon. Experts have been warning for months that the impact on Americans’ well-being will linger long after the pandemic has ended. Depression, loneliness, drug and alcohol addiction, and suicides are all up for all age groups.

There’s no straight line to solving today’s mental health challenges, but we can expect new approaches going forward:

  1. Caring will be a crucial part of decision making. Glint data reveals that employees who feel cared for are 3.2X more likely to be happy at work, and are 3.7X more likely to recommend working for their company.

  2. Building out mental health support structures and resources in the workplace will be a necessity, not a perk. We recommend checking out LifeGuides – their model is brilliant and is having a huge impact on employees (ours included).

  3. Relationships will get more personal. More empathy and compassion amongst co-workers and a focus on helping people connect with each other will be critical.

  4. Humans will continue waking up to their own power – to heal themselves and others.

In the spirit of healing, this video from Anita Moorjani artfully suggests that humans actually have 6 senses, not just 5. That 6th sense, our intuition, has been suppressed individually and collectively. The intuition, voice, spark, deep knowing inside of us, if allowed to emerge, has the power to heal ourselves and the people we interact with.

What trends do you expect to impact your business and how do you plan to tackle the mental health challenges within your organization?


Tools, Articles, Oh My!

We’re Living Through the ‘Boring Apocalypse’

Adam Grant recently penned this piece in the New York Times. He shares how the prolonged fear of COVID has made us less fearful and each new wave of communication has operated as a form of systematic desensitization. He says, “at this point, it’s as if we have built up antibodies against fear.” 

Our perspective: thank goodness. Living in fear is no way to live.

A Wake-Up Call to Hiring Organizations

Melissa Henderson doesn’t sugarcoat her advice to would-be employers. Her take? Employers need to play a frontline role or expect to be at the back of the line.

3 Strategies to Help Employees Thrive in the New “Normal”

As times and conditions change, some things also stay the same, such as what leaders need to address to create organizational systems and a culture where people can do their best every day, regardless of role or where work actually happens.

Top Resources to Add to Your Employee Experience Toolkit

How can leaders effectively support employees? Make the most of your efforts with these free and paid platforms for coaching, mental health, performance management, and more.

BONUS: Annual RESET Playbook

Download this free playbook to help with your end-of-year goal setting and action planning. This fan-favorite is the perfect framework to use individually and as a team. Heads up there’s a prize on the line for the first 15 people who complete their playbook!


"If you have no destination, any road will do." – Lewis Caroll

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