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Shift Happens with Yanik Silver: How to Change the Way Business is Played

April 9, 2018 Joe Mechlinski

Have you ever flown a MiG jet?
Been diving between the continental plates?
How about forced an optimistic view of the state of our country?

(Yep, we’re talking Trump… of course we dabbled in politics!)

In this episode of Shift Happens, lifelong adventurer, entrepreneur, and Founder of Maverick1000, Yanik Silver and I go all in. From bucket list experiences and exceptional entrepreneurs changing the world to the successes and struggles of raising children and exercising mindfulness, no ground is left uncovered.

Here’s what you can expect to takeaway from our discussion:

  • The pivotal moment when your choices become habits and how this heightens your intentions and awareness
  • How aligning your head, heart, and higher purpose can help you show up as your optimal self
  • The benefits of expressive journaling and how varied behaviors can influence your experience

Past this, Yanik drops a number of book titles, including his own: Evolved Enterprise, that serve as great resources to expand your mind and perspective on business, workplace culture, leadership, and creating lasting impact in the world. You’ll want the full list, so be sure to listen from start to end.

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