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Latch Enhancements Are LIVE!

September 26, 2023 SHIFT


latch unlocks

This Latch Unlock is hitting your inbox a few days early because we want to share exciting Latch enhancements that went live this week. Before we dive into what’s different and why you should care…let’s talk about feedback.

Have you ever been asked for your feedback and heard nothing back? No one circled back to say, “thank you for the feedback” or “here’s what we heard.” Being asked for feedback and never hearing back is a buzzkill and it happens all the time.  

In our years of consulting, we’ve seen first-hand the impact to culture and trust after clients have made the mistake of not “closing the loop” after an employee survey. That’s why we have an entire process built out to ensure this doesn’t happen called theSurvey Engagement Process

We practice what we preach - which is why we’re sharing the actions we’ve taken as a result of YOUR feedback.

🔒This week's Latch Unlock: If you ask for feedback, you better do something with it.

If you’ve ever built and launched a product, you know the importance of gathering customer feedback and, more importantly, using that feedback to improve the product. 

Through conversations, observations and a User Feedback survey, we’ve curated your insights, ideas, and requests to make Latch even better.

⬇️below are two user comments from qualitative questions:


Here's the list of updates you’ll see reflected in Latch the next time you log in. 

🔔 Interacting with teammates is whole lot easier

Check out the new Interactive Notification Feed that takes you straight to replies and reactions to your comments by simply clicking on the blue bell at the top right corner of the screen and then clicking on any individual notification. See it in action here.

🔽 Download your employees lists in seconds

Champions can now now export a .CSV list of their employees using the new Export.csv feature from the Employee Management tab. Apply filters (ie. “Invited” status) and download full lists or specific groups. It’s easy…see it here

📝 Your spaces now get" space"

Your Reflect and Act responses now show up exactly as you enter them including spaces between lines and paragraphs. This is a minor change that according to users makes a big difference.

🚀 Unnecessary fields are GONE

We've removed the “Custom message” and “Title” fields from the Campaign and Launch templates…as they have been deemed unnecessary by those we love the most. Here’s a video on Creating a Campaign and on  Creating a Launch if you want to see this minimalistic approach in action. 

🆘 More help has arrived 

While we have a robust FAQ already in place, we thought adding a “Help” button to the Champion’s navigation bar would be, well, helpful!

Although some of your team members may have already discovered these enhancements, 📣here’s a quick announcement you can send to them should you find it useful (as always feel free to modify as you see fit).

Keep your eyes open as more enhancements are rolling out this month! Can you guess which one we’re most fired up about?

mobile friendly

That's what we call a Latch Unlock.

As always, thank you for allowing us to partner with you to drive more clarity, alignment, and flow within your organization! 

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