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Inevitable: The Future of Work Top 5 Podcast Episodes of 2020

November 24, 2020 Jeff Lesher

Best of 2020 Podcast Episodes

As we start to wind down and reflect on all this year has brought us, it’s safe to say 2020 has been a whirlwind. Throughout the highs and lows of the year, our team has sought to help you continue to learn and lead. We’ve covered hot topics like diversity and inclusion, remote work, and creating and maintaining employment brands and experiences that matter to the pandemic. Because throughout it all, strong and informed leaders are what kept things together, and strong and informed leaders are one big way we can look forward to a brighter future together. 

So as the year draws to a close and we start to think about kicking off 2021 strong, we’ve put together a list of our top five episodes to inspire you.

  1. 049 Mike Hyter049 Diversity, Inclusion and Equity to Drive Success with Mike Hyter
    Chief Diversity Officer with Korn Ferry, Mike Hyter helps modern leaders bring awareness to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, ensuring all employees feel seen, valued, and heard.

  2. 050 Jeff Cherry050 Giving Rise to Equal Opportunities with Jeff Cherry
    Founder and CEO of the Conscious Venture Lab, Jeff Cherry brings to light the discrimination female and minority founders  face in modern-day business, and how companies can better support these marginalized communities. 

  3. 045 Bryan Adams & Charlotte Marshall045 Power of Brand Focused Hiring with Charlotte Marshall and Bryan Adams
    Charlotte Marshall and Bryan Adams reveal the secret behind effective employer branding. They’ll show you how to stop seducing so-so candidates and stick to the strategies that will get you the best talent. 

  4. 040 David Hassell040 Science-back People Management with David Hassell
    Founder and CEO of 15Five, David Hassell knows when employees are not engaged, burnout and turnover skyrockets. He’ll share the power behind deepening your connection and how it is the secret weapon to moving your business forward.

  5. 028 Tanya Axenson028 Leading a Multi-Gen Workplace with Tanya Axenson
    VP of HR at Aerotek, Tanya Axenson understands that to create a powerful culture, leadership must commit to helping individuals of all tenure. She shares a multi-tiered approach to establishing goals that consider the best interest of your entire workforce. 

Plan for the Year Ahead!
After you’ve listened to these episodes and gotten into the goal-setting mindset, we encourage you to check out our Annual RESET Playbook. We know how much you, as an activator, appreciate resources. All of us at HRCI and SHIFT are pleased to provide you with access to our Annual RESET Playbook to better prepare you for the year ahead by providing you with the tools to not only enter the new year feeling rejuvenated and intentional, but find ways to have a greater sense of accomplishment. And as we enter into 2021, who doesn’t want that? 

Annual RESET Playbook

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