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Harnessing Momentum at Work

September 1, 2022 SHIFT


We all crave momentum. It's the feeling of being on a roll – unstoppable.

How do you create momentum?

We asked some of our teammates to share how they think about momentum:

  • "I think of how an object in motion stays in motion and an object at rest stays at rest. I know I need to just keep moving because it's probably a bad thing if I take my foot off the gas."

  • "I start by identifying the outcomes that I need to accomplish and why those things are important to me. Then it's about the specific critical things that I need to get done to make those things more true than not. It helps keep me focused, gives me energy, and connects what I'm doing to my intentions."

  • "Pick your most gnarly task to start with because if you can get through that one thing you can get through anything. When you take something that's going to be really hard to tackle and work through it as early as possible, it builds confidence."

Everyone builds momentum in their own unique ways.

Sometimes you have to mix things up to get into that flow again.

We recently retired our "Weekly Wrap" all-company Friday meetings, and we've since ushered in a new era with our "Momentum Monday" meetings.

Instead of gathering our team on Fridays to look back and reflect on the week, we pivoted to kicking off the week together and focusing on looking forward.

Here are a few other momentum builders we've put in place at SHIFT:

  • We created a Slack Channel called #whatmadetheweekgreat. This gives people the opportunity and a place to highlight wins or points of progress from the week.

  • We use the HeyTaco Slack integration. It's another way to celebrate teammates in real time.

  • We replaced OKRs with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). Organizing individual and organizational goals and to-dos in Ninety.io inspires collaboration by offering clarity into what everyone is focused on.

Let us know your secrets for building and sustaining momentum.

Don't Let Burnout Drag Your Team Down


Can you tell the difference between a teammate who is having a rough week versus a coworker suffering from burnout?

Find out what people leaders – like New Balance's CHRO and Splunk's Interim Chief People Officer – think everyone needs to know and do about burnout.

Want to score key takeaways or watch the video recording?


The Future of Work Starts With Questioning Everything


The last few years have been a wake-up call to the idea that we can do things differently.

Let's start with the who, what, why, and how behind this thing we call work.

Who: You
What: Have a say
Why: Because the future of work can be better
How: Stop accepting old ways of thinking

With 400K+ video views, our CEO Joe Mechlinski's 17-minute TEDx Talk will get you fired up to start asking questions that you may never have thought to ask before.


Fun fact: Joe's TEDx Talk was the #1 most watched TEDx video released on YouTube in August 2022!

Small Gestures Have a Big Impact

Despite being a weekly contributor to Stories that SHIFT, I haven't properly introduced myself... My name is Julie and I want to step out from behind the curtain to share something that meant a lot to me.

After a long fight with cancer, my dad passed away this summer.

As someone else who is far too familiar with losing loved ones, my CEO Joe Mechlinski sent me a book called Touching Two Worlds by Dr. Sherry Walling – and it's been a game changer. The book is positioned as a guide for finding hope in the landscape of loss, and yet it's meant much more than that to me.

Supporting employees through grief means more than giving a few days off of work. Leaders like Joe and people who read this book get that.

For anyone who is personally coping with loss or knows someone who is, I hope this book offers you the comfort that it's given me.

Also, if you're in the Washington, D.C. area, Dr. Sherry Walling will be speaking at this Cadre event in D.C. on September 29th.



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