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How to "Decide What To Be And Go Be It" After the Election

October 27, 2016 Eric Stewart

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The amount of discussion and debate around the upcoming election has been more extreme, more heated, and more divisive than any we have ever experienced. For many of us it feels like November 8th is looming over us more as Doomsday than Election Day. As someone who feels stuck in a perpetual state of eye roll when listening to the election news, I was determined to do a mental reset and reframe my perspective. Something I encourage everyone to do – frequently.

I found myself caught up on a verse from the Avett Brothers song, “Head Full of Doubt.” The indie folk band out of North Carolina sings poetically that, “Your life doesn’t change by the man that’s elected.” If this isn’t something the whole country needs to hear, I don’t know what is. We could really use a national reset on perspective. We have been wrapped up in the election soap opera for too long.

As a nation we look towards our political leaders to do just that – to lead. We want them to aide us in sculpting our future, but the reality of it all is no one is going to sculpt our future like ourselves. If you want to help make America great again, regardless of party lines, no one has a greater impact on you, than you. We’re a society that is comfortable placing blame on anything or anyone but ourselves. But here’s the deal, we are the makers of our own success, which can be hinged on our perspective and our mindset.

Don’t misinterpret my words for not trusting anyone or relying on other people for help or guidance. I absolutely believe you should seek out the wisdom of others and ask for help when help is needed. What we should not do is use the aide of others as our lighthouse in the night, because if that light happens to go out, you’re still piloting a ship. That’s right, you’re piloting your life. No one else is. No one else should be. So stop letting other people and other things come in and steer you off the course that you want for your life.

Success in life, in business, in relationships is achieved through a firm grasp on ourselves. Our perspectives shape what we see and shape who we are. So when you wake up on November 9th and we have a new President, and enter a new chapter of our country’s history, commit yourself to a new chapter of your own. Reset, refocus, and as the verse ends from the Avett Brothers song, “Decide what to be and go be it.”

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