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Commitment to Work Starts With Connection to Peers

June 10, 2022 SHIFT


What is affective commitment? It's the sense of emotional attachment and identification with an organization's mission and culture.

This FastCompany article calls out three tactics that help promote emotional connection at work:

  1. Face-to-face onboarding
  2. Quarterly on-sites
  3. Familiarity through technology

The first two are straightforward, but that third point deserves additional context.

"Organizations should invest in HR-tech that facilitates professional familiarity. Employees need accurate, actionable, and on-demand information about their colleagues' psychographics. Doing so will significantly heighten interpersonal understanding among team members."

Yes, technology has made remote work possible – but, organizations haven't nailed how to create professional familiarity (understanding colleagues' tendencies, strengths, values, and work-related preferences).

This is where tools like Latch and TTI DNA come in.

Hybrid Company Spotlight: NextRoll

How are other organizations keeping their company values top of mind while working remotely?

Pick up inspiration from one global company that is successfully navigating hybrid work – NextRoll.

We spoke with Marissa Cardon, NextRoll's VP of People Programs & Operations, and she shares how their entire company – leaders and employees alike – come together to co-create a unique remote culture.

Sneak Peek: You'll want to know what it means to embrace your jellyfish!


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