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Are Leaders Ready for the Path Ahead?

September 30, 2022 SHIFT


Since we are living through the greatest disruption to the workplace, why do we feel stuck between impossible decisions, no-win situations, and in an environment that lacks any forward momentum?

Well, as Einstein said, "You can't solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it..."

All of this debate about "Return to Office" feels like we are missing a huge opportunity to change our vantage point of what we really need.

More data on what employees want is only going to confirm more freedom, more flexibility, and more fairness.

And nearly every CEO we talk with is having a hard time honoring these facts while balancing an intuition and feeling that their engagement, performance, and innovation is taking a hit with all this work from home.

Above is a snippet from our CEO Joe's latest article – and the full write-up has ideas for how leaders can change the game.


Guide Your Team Through Turbulent Times

With ongoing uncertainty in the world, leaders will continue to be tested on how they inspire and engage their teams.

We're big fans of how crisis leadership expert Rob Weinhold responded to this important question...

What is the most critical role of a leader during challenging times?

During times of crisis, there are several things a leader must do all at once:

  • Always have an accurate command of the facts, operate with the utmost levels of integrity, communicate clearly, take responsibility when things go wrong and praise others when they go right, be decisive, be optimistic, and demonstrate a path forward.

  • By maintaining composure, treating people fairly, and modeling compassionate and empathetic behavior, leaders can build the levels of clarity and trust required to navigate an organization through a crisis.

This must-read article breaks down tactical advice that will help you navigate unpredictable and chaotic times.


Let's Address Productivity Paranoia

Microsoft's recent survey uncovered a stark difference between what employees think and leaders feel when it comes to productivity.

Putting the why behind the giant gap between perspectives aside, there are a few things we can do as leaders to remedy the disconnect:

  1. Define Roles & Responsibilities

    Since the Great Resignation, many employees are taking on the responsibilities of more than one role, which makes peak productivity nearly impossible.

    Remap roles and responsibilities to keep your people more focused and productive. Through building Role Excellence Profiles, we've found that role clarity is the key to driving high performance for our clients' teams.

  2. Maximize 1:1 Time

    In 1:1 meetings, focus on what is most critical to your employee's productivity and performance. Your job as a leader is to empower them, build confidence, and remove barriers that hold your people back.

  3. Create & Measure Momentum

    Leaders need ways to inspire their people to keep going even when the going gets tough. Strategic communication is what will keep everyone on the same page and moving in the right direction.

    Our clients are using Latch to share updates, reinforce critical messages, and measure how initiatives impact performance and morale.

It's Time to Shine!


Fall is officially here and Q4 is upon us.

Our WFH teammate Moose the Chihuahua is ready for cooler weather and our upcoming quarterly company reTREAT!

Want to pick up some (Moose-approved) tips to inspire your next team meeting or offsite?



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