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How to Push the RESET Button After Election Day

November 9, 2016 Eric Stewart


Well … it’s over. And just as President Obama predicted yesterday, the sun did rise today. We’re all still here. The United States is still alive and well, albeit clearly divided. However, we can take solace in the messaging coming out of both camps today – and even from the President himself. Mr. Trump, Mr. Obama, and Mrs. Clinton have all called for an “open mind” regarding our future. We all definitely need an open mind. We need unity, we need clarity, and we need a mutual respect for each other that, frankly, we haven’t seen in some months.

We need a RESET. I touched on this a few weeks back in the buildup to Election Day. You know it’s important when just about everyone in the media and government are saying it. But how do we RESET? How do we get our feet back on the ground after this contentious election? How do we reestablish confidence – in our leaders and ourselves?

The solution to a remarkable RESET can be found within Grow Regardless. The chapter on RESET opens with a fitting quote from the early 20th Century poet Khalil Gibran, “Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing what will be.” RESET is all about turning the page and starting a new chapter, for us, for our leaders, and for our country. To fully RESET, we must:

(R) recognize – Be aware of why a RESET is necessary. Be open and willing to the idea of change. It all begins with an “open mind.”

(E) expose – Unearth and expose everything that is at the heart of the issue. Here is the best place to have truly open and candid conversations with people about where things have gone off the rails.

(S) surrender – Own up to the mistakes we have made. Individually and collectively. There is nothing more important than taking full responsibility for the impact of our actions. No one likes to be wrong, but ownership is key to resetting and rebuilding.

(E) empathize – At this point in the process, large strides have been made towards resetting, and our second to last step is making the other side feel valued and understood. You need to empathize and do it authentically!

(T) terms and frames – now the conversation shifts towards the future. Here is where we envision a positive and bright tomorrow. It’s about belief and a strong commitment to be better and do better.

A RESET has been called for by many people in the last twenty four hours. It can and will be accomplished through an intentional effort on all of our parts. Whether you’re upset or enthused after the election we all need an open mind. We all need a RESET. Be the change you want to see in the world.

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