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[WEBINAR] The 7 Proven Keys to Becoming a "Best Place to Work" That Will Magnetize the Brightest Talent to Flock to You In Droves

August 25, 2016 Joe Mechlinski


4.9% unemployment rate + 5 million job openings = A crazy, competitive war for top talent!

A decisive victory is what you’re after – you don’t just want to win a few battles; you want to come out on top. It’s not just about getting talent in the door, the end goal is being recognized as a Best Place to Work because the talent you have is the BEST of the BEST.

So how do you attract and build the best battalion, armed and ready to fall into line with your organization’s vision and mission? Start from within your organization: Define what “good” is, get your processes in place, and get your current team onboard.

Best of all, I’m going to walk you through each step of the process!

That’s right, I’m sharing with you the webinar I hosted on the 7 Keys to Become a Best Place to Work.

Here’s the gist, because the best is yet to come:

  1. Mission focused
  2. Adult-to-adult culture
  3. Clarity of career path
  4. Honest and trusting environment
  5. World-class on-boarding
  6. Communication
  7. Off-boarding

When you check out the 7 Keys to Become a Best Place to Work, you’ll also see our very own Ellen Lovelidge’s visual notes, captured live during the webinar. Ellen shares this amazing talent with eQ and with our clients – just another example of the top talent eQ attracts.

I hope these 7 keys to becoming a best place to work will show results for you, like they have for so many others. Let us know how it goes!

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