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Top 25 Moments of Gratitude In The Last 12 Months

November 16, 2017 Joe Mechlinski

Picking only 25 moments I’m grateful for in the last 12 months was tough! There are so many moments, experiences, and people that I’m thankful for, but I muscled through and narrowed my list to these 25 moments.

25 moments that helped define the past 12 months.

25 moments that made me bolder and braver.

25 moments of being all-in.

 1. SHIFT Us – Quarterly All-hands

Every quarter our team takes time to slow down to speed up, and in January, we use this time to reflect on the year behind us and set our intentions for the year ahead. It’s the BEST start to each year, with the most engaged team! Each year we do it at a cool venue – we kicked off 2017 at the Motor House on North Ave in Baltimore. As you can see, we work hard and play hard!

SHIFT Us – Quarterly All-hands

2. We are SHIFT!

After 16 years, we decide to sunset entreQuest and change our name to SHIFT. And with it, we changed our mission, model, and value proposition for the better! Our team brand-reveal day was filled with workouts, a shaman-led ceremony, bubble ball, wheat grass shots, and was nothing short of amazing! Check out the video here: http://shiftthework.com/we-are-shift/

We are SHIFT!

3. Growing our SHIFT squad

Watching our team grow has been incredible. We’ve added several bold, brave movers and shakers to our team who are dedicated to our mission to shift the workforce to 70% engaged. We ARE shifting the work world to transform the real world.

Growing our SHIFT squad

4. Speaking at Light City Baltimore

It didn’t hurt to be joined by main man, Jeff Cherry, the CEO of SHIFT Ventures. We announced our partnership to the world, and shared how together, SHIFT and Conscious Venture Lab – SHIFT Ventures – is going to make big changes in West Baltimore! We’re shifting the purpose of business.

Speaking at Light City Baltimore

5. Surprise Trip to Mexico

A life well lived includes a life outside of work. This year, Erica surprised me with a trip to Mexico… I can’t think of a better way to explore a new place than with my partner-in-crime and the love of my life. Creating memories is what life is all about!

Surprise Trip to Mexico

6. My 40TH Birthday

Yep, 4-0 – and it was a kick ass party! I’m lucky (and grateful) to have such incredible friends and family who support me through thick and thin, and party like rock stars! Birthdays mark your next revolution around the sun and serve as yearly reminders to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. (Thanks, Erica for throwing me an awesome 90s-themed bash!)

My 40TH Birthday

7. Attending Singularity University

Jet set to San Fran, met up with a couple buds: Jeff Cherry and Chris and mingled with a couple hundred movers and shakers at the most innovative gathering in the world. Blockchain, AI, internet of Things… and everything in between.Attending Singularity University

8. Celebrating Innovation

My college essay started with this quote, “To be successful in life, you must surround yourself with others who want to be successful.” I strive every day to do just this, to spend time with people who will challenge me to think differently and propel me towards greater success. This picture, taken during The Daily Record’s Innovator of the Year event, is only one of many examples of the true innovators I am fortunate to spend time with.

Celebrating Innovation9. IN-Q

If you aren’t familiar with the name, IN-Q is a National Poetry Slam Champion and multi-platinum winning songwriter. This visit was 3-years in the making and was worth every minute. He led a transformative session for SHIFT Society and reminded us all how important it is to be vulnerable in order to keep growing.


10. Dining in the Dark

In order to change your perception, you must change your perspective. We decided to kill the lights, open our hearts, and embrace humanity… and we did it with 100+ business leaders, over dinner. So what happens when you put a room full of individuals, all from diverse backgrounds, at the dinner table together while blindfolded? Check out the video and see for yourself: https://vimeo.com/243327739Dining in the Dark

11. Skiing with Ellie

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.” My daughter is fearless. And a pretty badass skier. First time hitting the slopes for both of us… and yet another proud-father moment.Skiing with Ellie12. Israel

This was the trip of a lifetime! Check out that awesome crew – heard the term, weathered beauty? Israel is warm, inviting, safe, and rich in culture and energy. Loved every moment!


13. SHIFT in Boston

We announced our Boston location and the amazing team leading our SHIFT Consulting efforts there: Liz, Cynthia, and WhitneySHIFT in Boston14. SHIFT in Seattle

14 flights, 7 meetings, 1 new office location. Thanks to SHIFT Principal Consultants, Paul Elliott and Sergio Larrain for helping make this happen, it’s the start of something very special. SHIFT is now in Seattle, everyone! We’re taking on the West!

SHIFT in Seattle

15.Tackling a negative Glassdoor review as a team

We got a tough Glassdoor review. Since we practice transparency at SHIFT, we took on the review the best way we know how: head on, as a team. In fact, this generated so much awareness, that featured us in an article.Tackling a negative Glassdoor review as a team

16. Boxing with Ellie and James

Me, James, and Ellie – post boxing session. The kids loved it. I go all-in during the week so that I can go all-in during the weekend! There’s nothing better than making these two little ones smile.

Boxing with Ellie and James


17. SHIFT = Inc. Best Workplace

2017 was a great year for us as an organization, and being recognized nationally by Inc. as a Best Workplace was icing on the cake! Check out our write up: https://www.inc.com/profile/shift

SHIFT = Inc. Best Workplace

18. Conscious Venture Lab Cohort #3 Launch Party

“We shape the buildings and then they shape us.” -W. Churchill
Jeff Cherry launched the 3rd cohort to participate in the CVLab accelerator – six mission-driven companies. We also announced our partnership with Sagamore Ventures. SHIFT Ventures is creating a huge ripple in West Baltimore, and it’s just the beginning. #shiftthepurposeofbusiness

Conscious Venture Lab Cohort

19. The Chlada women take Ireland

I surprised Erica, her sisters, and their mother with a trip to Ireland. Gifting them quality time together was priceless… and they got to experience a new country together.

The Chlada women take Ireland

20. Which meant Dad’s weekend with the kids!

While mom was in Ireland spending time with her family, I got to spend concentrated time with my kids. We started the weekend by hitting the playgrounds. Our goal was to visit 10 playgrounds in 2 days… but the weather had a different plan, so we ended up seeing a movie.

Which meant Dad’s weekend with the kids!

21. SHIFT Consulting visits Baltimore Improv

To be the most caring (inspiring, results-obsessed) management consulting firm on the planet we’ve assembled a team of great listeners… and improvers!

SHIFT Consulting visits Baltimore Improv


22. Cryo Therapy with SHIFT Society

A cool (literally) experience, with a cool group of Baltimore’s BEST entrepreneurs. Every single person took their turn, and our members are still talking about this day. We pride ourselves on delivering unique, memorable experiences – and this one definitely made it’s way into the top 5 Society experiences in 2017.Cryo Therapy with SHIFT Society23. RSW

Interviewing the most interesting man in the world: Richard Saul Wurman. Nuff’ said.



24. 212 Grows!

Proud husband moment: I LOVE seeing Erica and Bill grow, regardless! This is only part of the 212 Comm team, and they just keep on growing.

212 Grows!


25. SHIFT’s Annual Partner’s Retreat

Life gives to the givers and takes from the takers. In my entire life, I have never been more fortunate to be partners with givers as great as this bunch. We spend the morning at Pot Rocks… work + play = making bold shifts.
SHIFT’s Annual Partner’s Retreat

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