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Your Team Needs to Hear This

January 7, 2022 Misti Aaronson

Every leader wants to be a better communicator, and most leaders have a tough time sharing what’s in their hearts.

What message did you send your team coming into 2022? It’s not too late.

See what our CEO Joe said below – we won’t tell if you copy/paste to share with your team!


Coming out of 2021, I’m feeling thankful for the gifts I’m carrying forward:

🚀 Learning new things is humbling – and hard at times. You can’t be a black belt in everything. Patience is key.

🧠 Quitting isn’t always quitting. Sometimes it’s listening to your higher self and intuition. Follow that song in your heart wherever it may lead.

🌟 Having faith in myself is great, but having faith in the process, outcome, and ultimately that the universe has my back might get a few sleepless nights back.

⏰ Time is made up. You are only in a race against yourself. Breathe in…and out. You are right where you need to be.

🔥 Trust the heat of going in the opposite direction. There’s a reason it’s a road less traveled. It’s not supposed to be easy.

👀 Continue to discern between the opportunities to be seized and temptations to be resisted. This ongoing fork in the road can be best met by keeping your true north top of mind.

🦅 Be bold! Sometimes you have to let go of the old in order to fly to the new.

I appreciate you all more than I can express and I am honored to co-create with you.



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Connection: Driver of Company Culture

When employees feel less connected to their workplace, culture, and purpose…

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  • The probability of burnout increases 11x
  • The odds that employees will leave within three years surge 6x

So, how do you know if your employees feel connected to their peers, manager, company, work, and self? Each of those five points of connection help skyrocket employee engagement and performance.

This article breaks down how to measure your team’s levels of connection – and the types of stories that can be shared to build connection.

Bonus: You’ll score FREE access to the first part of our employee connection survey.

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  • Sociability is a measure of sincere friendliness among members of a community.
  • Solidarity is a measure of a community’s ability to pursue shared objectives quickly and effectively, regardless of personal ties.


Bring Your Culture to Life

We couldn’t be happier to release this brand new video because now you can get a real sense of what Latch is about.

HubSpot Video


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