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SHIFT Moms Know Best...

May 12, 2017 Liz Eskenazi
Co-Authored by: Misti Aaronson, Jessica Drew, Eliza Graham, Sarah Le Roy, Rita McDearman, Daley Navalkowsky, and Stephanie Ranno

We are on a mission to SHIFT the work world to transform the real world.  Get us talking about our mission for long and our gentle and kind tendencies cross over to tenacious and dare I say, fierce passion, for what we see in this world as possible.

So, what do we see?

  • We see a future where the 70% of disengaged talent in this country is ENGAGED.
  • A future where talent is ALL IN; gets lost in the enjoyment of their work and their weeks, looks forward to Mondays instead of dreading them, views work as something they GET TO do.
  • A future where employees leave the work space with energy, joy, and love to bring to their families, friends, and communities.

Put simply – we see a world where people go home with something in the tank, so they can be engaged in all aspects of their life and be better moms, dads, friends, partners, and citizens!

To help make that world a reality, we challenge the norms every day with our clients and in our own organization.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we thought it would be helpful to share how our mission is making a difference for us in hopes it will inspire a SHIFT for you!

Our moms agree, being the best at anything is tough work , and being a mama can add a whole different level of complexity! Here is how SHIFT has enabled them to be at their best:

“The environment at SHIFT fires me up, brings out my passion, and enables me to make every moment at work count so I can go home and do just that with my daughter!”
“SHIFT is fundamentally about being ALL IN to life. It feels natural here to do the right things for my family when they need me, no questions asked.”
“Every day at SHIFT, we practice “going big” on what matters most and I take this approach home with me. I don’t go to every lacrosse practice or game- I go big on the ones that matter and when I’m there, I’m there."
“SHIFT has allowed me to work remotely to cut down on stress, be more focused, and enjoy the moments with my tiny guy!”
“If I’m going to have patience for my family, I need patience from my work family. At SHIFT, I’ve got patience, flexibility, and trust.”
“I’m cheerful and fulfilled from my work. It empowers me to be my super-self when I get home to my kids.”
“I have two speeds: turbo-charged and off. When my battery is down, I’m asleep or sleep-walking which is no good. I am finally at a place that has helped me to see the battery warning much earlier and disperse my energy more evenly across the hours.”
“SHIFT helps me by supporting time with my family when they need me most, has created a culture centered around both accountability and forgiveness, and challenges me to work hard and leaves me pumped with endorphins for my 3 kids at home!”

According to our moms, getting the chance to be engaged in the work AND be a mom is...

“crazy amazing, humbling, and fulfilling. It can be a bit like racing. It takes perseverance, especially on those days where it can feel like being a working mom is a bit like being a juggler, on a unicycle, on a tightrope, with cheering crowds and fire-breathing dragons closing in." This was said with a smile and clarified, “It’s not in a bad way though! It’s dynamic, it’s exciting, and it’s an adventure to be navigated every day!"

Like most moms, ours wouldn’t trade being a mom for anything! Our moms shared that being a mom (and a working mom) has…

“...gifted me with the constant reminder that our entire lives are miracles and there is beauty and love in every single thing.”
“...enabled me to provide a scaffold for my kids for how to view women in society. My daughter believes she can grow up to do and be anything and my son appreciates that it’s natural for women to be strong and to nurture.”
“...allowed me the opportunity to model working hard and the importance of creating my own happiness.”
“...given me appreciation for the bedtime snuggles, my husband (and being a working dad!), and what it means to love unconditionally.”
“...reminded me every day of how much potential each of us as humans have. When I watch my kids, I am reminded that we can do pretty much anything!”
“...given me an appreciation for being human, having grace, and offering forgiveness.”
“...given me the feeling of surprise and admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, and inexplicable!”

To all of our SHIFT mamas, client mamas, and really, ALL moms- “working” or not, dads, friends, caretakers, and siblings: we honor ALL of you.


It takes a village and we couldn’t be more grateful to be raising this next generation together. Happy “Mother’s” Day.

Better YOU. Better US. Better ALL.

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