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How to blow your customers' minds | 3 books every leader should read | Insist on gold, not garbage

June 11, 2021 Misti Aaronson

 So-how can you blow your customers' minds?

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Here's our advice:

  • Connect: Connect your clients with someone that can help them in their business beyond what you’re there to do. The best business people we know make this a habit.
  • Recommend: What type of business is your client looking for? Recommend them to your network and show off all the great work they do. It will pay dividends.
  • Invite: Now that the world is waking up, invite your clients to something that they would enjoy or learn from. A few ideas to get you started: try hosting a webinar, sharing an upcoming event, planning a dinner, or finding time to grab a coffee.
  • Educate: Learning is an essential part of the human existence. On that note, why not introduce your clients to experiences that will expand their mind, help them see different perspectives, or level up in their role?


 3 books every leader should read 📚

Heading to the beach this summer? Make your next vacation count by digging into these books on how to build high-performing, inclusive cultures.

Insist on gold, not garbage

Your time is gold, so why allow others to waste it?

Here, our Future of Work Podcast host, Jeff Lesher, breaks down his perspective on using your time and energy wisely in the pursuit of self-improvement.

  • Speaking of gold, Steven Kotler recently joined us at SHIFT Society for a master class on Sustaining Peak Performance During a Pandemic.
  • Watch it for yourself here, or learn how to get into the flow with his 2019 talk on Mindvalley.
  • As you can see, at SHIFT Society, we’re only interested in the gold, aka mind-blowing, heart-opening, and soul-inspiring speakers just like Kotler.

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