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How Are Teams Really Feeling Right Now?

May 13, 2022 Misti Aaronson


Unpack Sources of Stress

As COVID-19-related stress has started to fall, there's increasing stress due to burnout, poor management, and leadership concerns.

In Headspace Health's Fourth Annual Workforce Attitudes Toward Mental Health report, there are a number of stats that are worth calling out:

  • 81% of global employees agree that employers have a responsibility to help them manage their mental health.

  • 71% say their company increased focus on mental health because of the pandemic, but only 25% say they've kept that focus up.

  • 82% want their employer to ask them how they are doing and actually care about the answer.

Saying "my door is always open" or "reach out if you need me" isn't going to show your team that you care.

One thing you can do today is to ask your people "how are YOU?" and really listen.

Want 800K Views on Your Careers Page? 📈

After announcing that Airbnb employees can work remotely forever with no pay cut, the company's careers page received more than 800,000 views.

"I think that the office as we know it is over. We can't try to hold on to 2019 any more than 1950. We have to move forward." – Brian Chesky, Airbnb's CEO

The question becomes – how can we prevent employees from feeling isolated from their peers and company?

Part of Airbnb's approach is to have teammates meet up in person for about one week per quarter.

Turn Your Attention to Turnover Prevention 🔁

A recent Gartner survey predicts that U.S. employee annual voluntary turnover is likely to jump nearly 20% this year.

The research surfaced two major issues – misalignment with leaders and achieving the flexibility employees desire.

We're using our proprietary tech platform called Latch to help clients create internal alignment and meet employee expectations.

How is your organization creating a culture that attracts and retains top talent? Drop us a line to be featured in an upcoming edition of Stories that SHIFT.


Speaking of Retention...


Can you imagine working at the same company for 84 years? Walter Ortham can.

This 100-year-old Brazilian is now an official Guinness World Records title holder for the longest career in the same company.

Considering the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2020 that the median employee tenure is around 4 years, it's unlikely that anyone will ever beat Walter's record.

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