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August 25, 2022 SHIFT

The Hidden Truths About Burnout

Employee burnout costs the U.S. economy more than $350 million each year in turnover, sickness, reduced productivity, and low morale. Up 5.1% from 2020 to 2021, a whopping 34.7% of people are burnt out. The high amount of...

August 19, 2022 SHIFT

Today's Leadership Challenges Mirror Yesterday's Problems

  Have you heard of the "Quiet Quitting" trend sweeping social media? It's the latest way to describe how employees commonly respond to burnout – but the trend is far from new. "Quiet Quitting" is a repackaging and marketing of...

August 5, 2022 SHIFT

What Are People Leaders Tackling Right Now?

  Why should mental health be a critical part of your business strategy? Prioritizing mental health is fundamental to creating a healthy and high-performing culture. Leaders have the opportunity to use work as a vehicle to light...

July 26, 2022 SHIFT

Planning Your Next Team Event? Try This!

Imagine this all-too-familiar scenario... You've spent a ton of time planning a company event or important meeting only to find it was unproductive or forgotten about soon after. That stings. No need for that to ever happen...

July 22, 2022 SHIFT

What Do Surveys and Diversity Trends Have in Common? You.

Are Surveys Moving You Forward or Holding You Back? So often we hear how people dread surveys. It makes sense. Employees don't feel their voice leads to meaningful change. Leaders struggle to turn data insights from surveys...

July 19, 2022 SHIFT

Focus on Connection at Your Next Team Retreat

What's the first thing your team wants to talk about after not seeing each other for 1 or 2 years? Hint: It has nothing to do with your business plan or company priorities. Your people want to connect. Theme of Our Recent Company...

June 24, 2022 SHIFT

Say Goodbye to Legacy Thinking, Say Hello to the Future

The roots of why we do certain things the way we do often makes little sense. For example, did you know that the QWERTY keyboard was designed to make us work harder, not smarter? In our CEO Joe Mechlinski's recent TEDx talk, he...

June 10, 2022 SHIFT

Commitment to Work Starts With Connection to Peers

What is affective commitment? It's the sense of emotional attachment and identification with an organization's mission and culture. This FastCompany article calls out three tactics that help promote emotional connection at work:

June 1, 2022 SHIFT

Hybrid Company Spotlight: NextRoll

Coffee Roulette. Global Culture Club. Paint Your Pet Night. Embrace Your Jellyfish. NextRoll is doing hybrid right. Take a page from NextRoll's book for ideas on how to fight Zoom fatigue and spark joy for your team. We...