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Absenteeism and Presenteesim in the workplace | SHIFT You Day | VaynerMedia's Heartwarming New Role | The Working Woman Exodus

July 8, 2021 Misti Aaronson

 Abenteeism and Presenteeism at Work

As it turns out, just because your employees are in the office, that doesn’t mean they’re actually working. Ever heard of presenteeism? It’s a little like absenteeism, but it happens instead when employees are physically present without actually being engaged. (Get it?!) Although triggered by different factors, both absenteeism and presenteeism are big issues at companies of all shapes and sizes that can significantly affect employee productivity, and therefore, an organization’s bottom line.

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 SHIFT You Day

If there’s one thing to be learned from presenteeism (see above), it’s that employees who don’t feel their best don’t do their best work. Adds up, right? At SHIFT, one of our antidotes to this toxic mindset is our SHIFT You Day Program. Every year, we designate two SHIFT You Days when all team members are encouraged to take time for themselves instead of focusing on business as usual. Over the years, we’ve found that this is one meaningful way to enhance employee engagement while showing appreciation for the work our team does all year long.

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Vayneredia's Heartwarming New Role

“People need people that listen, and then people that listen and do something.” Just take it from Claude Silver, VaynerMedia’s new Chief Heart Officer. Or in other words, the executive whose job it is to lead by listening and then act. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Claude!

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The Working Women Exodus

This just in: nearly 3 million American women have left the workforce over the past year in a coronavirus-induced exodus related to inequitable pay, undervalued work, and antiquated notions of caregiving. For a visual depiction of the exodus, check out these charts that graphically demonstrate COVID’s impact on female employment. Of course, one of the biggest challenges facing working women today is our country’s approach to childcare. Heidi Metcalfe Lewis is one mother who put a face to this issue by snapping a photo of herself working in the bathtub while her daughter splashed around.

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