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Shift Happens with Gio Marsico: Where Superheroes Go to Create Change

April 23, 2018 Joe Mechlinski

Every emerging entrepreneur experiences a turning point during their journey ─ an event or series of events that shifts their path forever. Whether they seek fame and fortune, recognition and power, or lasting change, each has a secret desire that led them to fulfill their dream.

For Giovanni Marsico, Founder of Archangel Academy, that secret desire was to be a superhero. Yes, this comic book fan not only wanted to be a superhero, but wanted to lead an entire squad of them. Team has always been a part of scaling his business of hosting transformative events for gifted entrepreneurs, and Gio has absolutely built an army of individuals who have inspired entrepreneurs to see their “mutations” as incredible gifts to the world.

From subhuman to superhuman, Gio is on a bottom-line mission to make connections with, and for, entrepreneurs who want to create exponential impact on the world.

In this episode, Gio and I discuss:

  • The drivers behind self-sabotage and how the syndrome can be reversed
  • Disruptive models in entrepreneurialism and using mission as a means to reach goals
  • Using emotion as a tuning fork for reaching alignment (think body, balance, being, and business)

Check out this week’s episode of Shift Happens.


TOPICS: Podcast, Leadership Development