A Joint Venture between Conscious Venture Lab and SHIFT

SHIFT Venture’s mission is to uncover entrepreneurial talent wherever it may be found and help nurture seeds of prosperity in both traditional places and in places where they may not have been so cared for in the past. The coming together of these two organizations offers a robust process for finding and funding new ideas along with world-class business consulting and leadership development capabilities. With a focus on engaging and nurturing exciting entrepreneurs and innovators in both traditional and underserved communities, coupled with our expertise in the tenets of Conscious Capitalism®, we are on a path to reimagine the way capitalism works. Forging it as a force for creative good, and thus creating a more just, joyous and prosperous society.

Conscious Venture Lab is an accelerator program for mission-driven businesses was founded in 2013. The foundational premise of the Lab is that we have entered an age in society where purpose and mission in business are emerging as the primary drivers of economic value. There are several forces at play including but not limited to: the aging of society, the influence of Millennials, and the transparency generated by the internet and big data that are driving the demand for businesses to come to grips with this new reality.

The decisions we make about whom we want to buy from, work for, partner with, allow into our communities and invest in are increasingly driven by our impression of whether or not a company has realized purpose and profit are not mutually exclusive. And, how those companies are building operating models consistent with the notion of business as a force for good. We must realize that capitalism is no longer simply a tool for shareholder profits, but also a means for creating a more just, joyous and prosperous society for us all.

The mission of the Conscious Venture Lab is to train and drive investment in early-stage entrepreneurs whom we believe are eager to embrace this new imperative and need aligned capital and world-class training resources to bring that vision to life.

This thesis is being applied in some of the largest and most successful companies in the world – companies like Starbucks, Unilever, Southwest Airlines, and the SAS Institute – as well as in smaller companies and startups like TOMS Shoes, logging company The Turman Group and our own Hungry Harvest – that are reimaging traditional and non-traditional industries in new and amazing ways.

In urban America, this notion of business as a force for good in society has merged with the need for new models of urban economic development. The result is a realization that talent, creativity, intelligence, and drive are equally distributed across our society; opportunity on the other hand is not.

In 2017, Conscious Venture Lab and SHIFT decided to join forces as SHIFT Ventures in order to help entrepreneurs achieve increased levels of growth and sustainability. Together, we can offer innovators and entrepreneurs new corporate partners, investors, and world-class consulting expertise.


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