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SHIFT Ventures is a different kind of investment firm. We were conceived on the foundational premise that the purpose of business is to create value for society. As a leading socially responsible investment firm, we pair investments with ideas of the future, empowering entrepreneurs who are innovatively creating lasting change around the world.

Our goal is to fundamentally explore how business can be a tool to elevate humanity. We believe this is the key to human development as well as economic equality.

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Conscious Venture Fund 1

The Conscious Venture Fund 1 is a seed stage venture fund established to find and support mission-driven, under-estimated, and minority founders pursuing ideas focused on broad scale resilience and sustainability. The partnership is focused on providing investors with long-term capital appreciation through venture capital investments in seed-stage and early-stage equity, quasi-equity, and debt and convertible debt securities.

Stand at the forefront of conscious-based investments to drive resilience and opportunity.

Conscious Venture Lab

Conscious Venture Lab (powered by SHIFT Ventures) aims to build "Companies that Matter" and plant the seeds of economic prosperity in people and places that have been neglected in the past.

The lab is founded on the tenets of Conscious Capitalism® and houses an award-winning accelerator program in the heart of West Baltimore. Through the Conscious Venture Lab, companies of the future are able to take shape and foster the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Baltimore Accelerator Program

Conscious Venture Lab cohort five will start in August 2019 and continue our focus on urban resilience and smart cities technologies.  The Conscious Venture Fund will invest $100,000 in each of the companies selected for the program. Businesses that are generating technological and business model advances that address chronic stresses in our cities are invited to submit their pitch deck for consideration in the next cohort.

Areas of focus include, but are not limited to: good jobs and economic growth, innovation and infrastructure, intractable violence, poverty, sustainable cities and communities, clean energy, clean water and sanitation, and food and water shortages. Companies who apply must be focused on providing services and/or using technologies to increase economic opportunity and create more livable and equitable urban environments.

To be considered for future cohorts, submit your pitch deck.

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SHIFT Ventures Investor Impact

SHIFT Ventures stands as the choice Venture Capital firm for socially responsible, Purpose2Profit investors. Our unique venture fund model is built to leverage societal and market shifts to be innovative, agile, and impactful.

Our proven mentor and curriculum-driven accelerator, the Conscious Venture Lab, connects our innovative portfolio companies to a network of hundreds of committed mentors, consultants and supporters focused on their success. This unique model has become nationally-recognized as a sustainable platform for socially responsible investing.

Thank you to the SHIFT Ventures investors for funding the future.

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Encourage early- and growth-stage companies who are creating innovative and scalable solutions to complex problems and impacting the health and well-being of society-at-large to submit their pitch deck.

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Stephen and Renee Bisciotti Foundation

"Jason Bisciotti, who manages investments for the foundation, said it was 'drawn to the concept of spreading economic opportunity and mission-driven entrepreneurship all around Baltimore.'"

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Sagamore Ventures
Venture Capital Division of Plank Industries

"Sagamore Ventures wanted to partner with Conscious Venture Lab because it can continue to recruit and retain cutting-edge entrepreneurs and contribute to a growing workforce.'"

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Joseph Carlini
Chairman of the Board of Trustees at The Catholic University of America

Philanthropist and Co-founder, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of McKean Defense Group Inc.

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