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Instigating Intelligence
By SHIFT Society

An entrepreneurial exploration into the conscious mind

Event Details

May 16 @ 8:30AM - 5:30PM
SHIFT HQ, Baltimore

Consciousness is complex. It’s found in our thoughts, our hearts, and now — our technology. With the rise of artificial intelligence, how can we remain competitive in this increasingly conscious ecosystem? Join SHIFT Society for an exploration into how we can better cultivate consciousness within ourselves.

Ticket includes expert-led sessions, resources, and meals for the day.

Dr. Jack

Expert Series Speaker Dr. Jack

Dr. Jack Allocca, PhD, is the CEO & Founder of Somnivore and a leading researcher in the fields of psychedelic pharmacology, machine learning, and the neuroscience of altered states of consciousness. Dr. Jack will outline the underpinning behind the disruptive nature of AI, our shortcomings, and expand on how we can harness altered states of consciousness to weather the challenges of what it means to be human in a competitive technological environment. He’ll explore the fringes of the world, the body, and the mind, to enhance the service, meaning, and impact of the human experience through entrepreneurship with a lens of radical self-expression, adventure and play.

Impact Partner Ron Klabunde

Ron Klabunde, Founder & CEO of Generosity Feeds advocates generosity while equipping organizations and leaders to engage in a mission that expands their internal and external impact. Through his work with Generosity Feeds he has helped feed children across America. He believes his work is essential to allow children the opportunity to thrive and will engaged with us to further explore human potential and philanthropy.

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