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Family Board Meeting
By SHIFT Society

An evening of business, family and love.

Event Details: SOLD OUT

April 11 @ 5:30PM
City Seeds Kitchen | Baltimore

Let's carve out the time, come together, and spice things up! Join SHIFT Society's tribe of professionals for a night of cooking and connection. Couples master culinary techniques alongside City Seed Kitchen's team of chefs as Jim Sheils shares his keys for connection with family. You'll emerge from the evening a better leader, partner, parent and hopefully a better cook. 

Ticket includes the evening's expert-led session, cooking demo, meal and cocktails for two.

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Jim Sheils

Expert Series Speaker Jim Sheils

Jim Sheils, bestselling author of The Family Board Room, is on a mission to help busy entrepreneurs succeed at home. His process is broken down into regular rhythms, lessons, and experiences that deepen the connection with your spouse and children. He and his wife join us to share their secrets to balancing success at work and home.

City Seeds

Impact Partner City Seeds Kitchen

Meet the innovators who believe purpose can be plated. City Seeds Kitchen is the backdrop for the evening. Their approach to giving back encompasses the entire community from their renowned job training program to their locally-sourced ingredients. The evening will hold the heart of Baltimore in every bite.

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