SHIFT Learning Program

The SHIFT Learning Program trains and certifies you as a Certified SHIFT Specialist®.

We have spent more than a decade researching best practices for getting organizations and people geared up for change. SHIFT Learning Programs eliminate the gap between where your organization is now, and where you want it to be; quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

SHIFT Certification Programs

SHIFT Your Sales®
This 6-module certification training boosts your bottom-line sales performance by tapping emotional intelligence as a key differentiator.

SHIFT Your Growth®
This 8-week hands-on, experiential certification program helps you grow regardless of market conditions, sales barriers, and the disempowering beliefs that are holding you back.

SHIFT Your Leadership®
This 6-week, hands-on certification program takes you on a deep dive into the skills, processes, and practical applications of the foundational tenets of leadership.

SHIFT to Make it Remarkable®
This 7-module certification program teaches you—as a client-facing professional—how focusing on value unlocks the key to delivering remarkable products and services.

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