Grow Regardless

-by Joe Mechlinski

Want to grow your business, regardless of your size, industry, or the current government?

This book provides simple, yet powerful, tools that can transform your business into a mission-driven growth organization. This field-tested strategy, based on the author’s success in helping 500+ companies grow, provides a step-by-step method for resetting your company’s path, creating a magnetic employee culture, engineering a remarkable client experience, and forging a story that will capture your prospects’ attention.

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Grow Regardless

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So… what do our Amazon readers think?

Actionable Advice that works!

“We hired Joe to evaluate our firm from top to bottom and make recommendations to ensure our growing, entrepreneurial firm was on the right track. Joe and his team were extremely professional, thought provoking, straight shooters and offered real world, business solutions which could actually be implemented. They presented their findings in a digestible form and recommended action steps which were extremely helpful. They addressed all components of our business that are vital to our growth and success from our corporate strategy and organization, management, employees and clients. This book shares those philosophies, methodologies and strategies and is a must read for any business owner or manager looking to lead a better company.”

– Jason Hanges
Managing Partner – Quest Group

My business has been “Growing Regardless” for 3+ years now

“I was introduced to Joe and the entreQuest team 8 years ago. I’ve listened, learned, and even attended entreQuest training events. His entrepreneurial spirit is admirable and infectious, so much so, that I left my job with a Fortune 500 company and soon began my own business. We follow the “grow regardless” mentality and it’s been the key to our business success.”

– Ron Braatz
President LiftOff LLC

Great tips and practical advice; a must read for entrepreneurs and small business owners

“I’ve found Grow Regardless to be a great read! Joe Mechlinski offers a straight-forward approach that draws on his wide breadth of experience to nail the essentials and stress the finer points of business growth, despite of the economic environment surrounding it.”

– Patrick Maddigan

Finally! A real “how to” business book

“Having used entreQuest at several companies I’ve worked at, you won’t find anyone more passionate about what he is doing than Joe. This comes through loud and clear in this book on a mission to help America’s small businesses to “grow regardless”. So many business change books lack the how. This one doesn’t. The RESET concept is refreshingly new and different and makes complete sense as the first critical step towards long term ch”

– Kevin Fulmer

Powerful, Engaging & Practical

“Not only proven, but a refreshingly engaging and powerful approach. Few of today’s business books go beyond the promise of shortcuts to success; Mechlinski’s stands out, digging at the roots, to create lasting value for business owners. Joe’s more than an author, I know him as a doer – a business builder that never settles. Former CEO, Social Solutions”

– BalancedCritique


Meet the Author

Joe Mechlinski is a community advocate, speaker, entrepreneur, and best-selling author. His debut book, Grow Regardless, became an instant New York Times, USA Today,, and Barnes& bestseller.

As CEO and Co-Founder of SHIFT, Joe has helped hundreds of companies prosper through some of the worst economic times in history. Joe’s mission is to empower business leaders to create engaged, high performing cultures and grow their organizations regardless of their size, their industry, or the economy.

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