SHIFT consulting is the most caring (inspiring, results-obsessed) management consulting firm on the planet. We use an outcomes-based programmatic approach to sculpt, shape, and streamline every layer of your organization. Our experts work with your entire team to identify your biggest pains, overcome the most difficult barriers, and achieve extraordinary business growth.

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Supersede ordinary for extraordinary

Performance Works defines high performance for your most critical roles so that you can build your organization and train your team on what actually drives performance. This approach allows you to replicate success in a sustainable way across your entire organization, shifting the performance curve for the mass population.

  • Are you unclear on indicators of high performance?
  • Do you lack hiring precision?
  • Is your onboarding process limited, non-existent, or bloated?
  • Has flawed learning or development failed to increase performance?
  • Has past coaching been ineffective?
  • Are you still using vague performance metrics and compensation plans?
  • Do you have trouble seeing the economic impact of your team’s field training?

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Performance Works

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Strive to grow regardless

Growth Works helps organizations to first strategize, then execute, and finally sustain growth. Our proven methodologies and expert team make us the most qualified to deliver short-term and long-term paths towards organizational clarity, alignment, and engagement.

  • Are you focusing on too many initiatives?
  • Are you experiencing high attrition?
  • Do you have difficulty getting new hires up-to-speed quickly and efficiently?
  • Has disengagement set in across your team?
  • Are your thinking, processes, or execution stagnating?


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Growth Works

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CASE STUDIESGrowth Works in Action


The Growth Guide: A Catalyst for Action


The world's biggest issues can, and will, be solved by those with the courage to SHIFT.

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