“I am grateful (and humbled) for the opportunity to build world-class cultures that attract, engage, retain, and develop top talent to transform organizations into performance-based growth machines!”

Joe Mechlinski is a New York Times bestselling author, speaker, and social entrepreneur who believes that an engaged workforce is the key to unlocking human potential. Joe has a deep-rooted passion for helping build engaged mission-driven cultures and challenging business leaders to think strategically about how they attract, develop, and retain the best talent to grow, regardless.

While earning his degree from the Johns Hopkins University, Joe founded four ventures—with varying degrees of success and failure—to pay his way through college. At 23, to transform the purpose of business, Joe founded SHIFT. SHIFT is a collective of businesses spanning consulting, executive membership, and venture capitalism united by their common mission to revolutionize workforce engagement and transform the world. SHIFT has offices in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Boston.

SHIFT has been recognized by the Baltimore Business Journal as one of the “Best Places to Work” for five consecutive years and by Inc. Magazine, nationally, as an “Inc. Best Workplace” for two consecutive years.

Since founding the business, Joe and SHIFT have been featured on Bloomberg Radio, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and The Wall Street Journal Online. In 2014, Joe was invited to sit on the White House Small Business Council. A decade after SHIFT’s inception, Joe compiled the lessons he learned from his early life experiences, and his work with more than 600 organizations across the country, into the 2013 New York Times bestseller: Grow Regardless.

Always embarking on new adventures, Joe just launched both a new book and a podcast.

Shift The Work, is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller that answers the riddle between engagement at work and engagement with life. Rooted in neuroscience, and filled with actionable strategies and inspiring stories, Shift The Work empowers readers to reconnect with their passions, seek more fulfilling opportunities, and discover their greater purpose. 

His podcast, Shift Happens, which features inspiring guests such as New York Times bestselling author Dan Pink, and three-time New York Times bestselling author Tucker Max. Shift Happens is where disappointment meets success, frustration leads to transformation, and crossroads drive life-changing choices. Our CEO, Joe Mechlinski, goes deep with trailblazers in every industry, from architects to comedians, and they all have something in common – one great story.

Joe is our CEO.

For more information, please visit www.joemechlinski.com.